What to Wear on the First Date

On the first date, most women get tense, and most of the time they have no idea about what to wear. After all, when we’re anxious, it is more difficult to choose the clothes, footwear, accessories and even the makeup that compose the look for the first date. So I selected some looks tips for you to use on your first date.

What to wear for a first date?

Unlike men who think about what they will wear on the day of the meeting and are not in doubt of what clothes to choose, many women begin to prepare days before the meeting. With a few days in advance we do waxing, hair hydration, manicures, pedicures and other types of grooming. But after these precautions, the choice of look is the most important.

When the day comes first date many women ask themselves: “what are you wearing?” Without doubt, this is one of the most spoken by the women when they have an appointment. Many women end up asking suggestions from friends about what clothes to choose.

Not to run the risk of making mistakes in look for a first date, a good tip is to keep in mind some aspects. Before defining the ideal clothes, watch the weather, time and place of the meeting, because they are determining factors for its visual. With this simple information you can choose the ideal clothes without fear!

A tip that applies to all women who are in doubt when choosing the outfit for a first date, is never completely change his style to go on a first date. Do you know why? First, because you probably won’t be able to maintain this same style in other encounters with the cat. Second, because this is the only way of knowing that he will like you as you really are. So tip is to never leave your style for a date.

Tips for completing the look for the first date

– Avoid tops or dresses with exaggerated necklines, plus short dresses or skirts. Bet on these elements on the first date, you can leave your look vulgar.

-If you do not have the habit of high heels, avoid not being embarrassed. Bet on a lower heel shoe.

-Never get dressed to please him, choose the look that will please yourself, always respecting your style and what you like.

-If you have very indecisive in choosing the vintage sundress, opt for simplicity. Remember that less is more, so don’t overdo it in the production.

– Make a makeup that matches the rest of the look.

-To feel at ease, choose pieces more comfortable.

-Before the date, try various combinations in front of the mirror.

-Remember to choose your clothes according to the place that will be your first date.
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