What Style Wedding Dress for Pregnancy

Pregnant, at the same time planning your wedding. Choose which dress for the day J? Follow the guide. One thing is certain, no matter what she wears, a mother-to-be is always pretty in her princess dress for her day J. However, it is always important to choose with care her well wedding dress it is a bit complex to find the perfect model. To help you, we give you some tips.

The cut of the dress

The ideal is to highlight your beautiful forms of pregnancy. The most obvious choice is the Cup empire waist dress. Which means that size starts right below the bust and straight or slightly flared falls to the bottom. For a sexier look, allow yourself a bustier. If you opt for a made to measure, ask your tailor to panels of stretch fabrics at the waist for a dress espousing the shape of your body. Avoid baggy dresses that will make you appear more round than you are and the belts that compress the stomach, says Recipesinthebox.com.

The style of the dress

Simplicity and comfort are the key words. Remove then overloading of lace, ruffles and frills. Also avoid too synthetic materials. Gauzy fabrics will also give the dress some fluidity. In all, bet on a sober dress, a natural hairstyle and a fresh makeup.

The color of the dress

White and ivory are essential colors for wedding dress. Don’t stick to the rule. However, you have the freedom to choose the color that inspires you: rose powder, champagne, blush… In any case, sobriety will always be required. Also, avoid colors flashy (except perhaps in accessories) and kitschy dresses.


Since you’re standing a good part of the day, choose shoes comfortable but all too chic and fashion. Bet on mid-high and slightly wide heels for your safety and comfort. Will also go you with compensated heels sandals. If your budget allows, choose two pairs: one for the ceremony and pictures and the other (flats) for the festivities.


As the simplicity of the dress is in the spotlight, have fun with accessories (without too much no more): a hat, a pair of gloves, of great earrings, necklaces, bracelets… Consult your stylist before the wedding to plan your hairstyle and enjoy the services of a makeup artist. These small details will complete your outfit perfectly. Moreover, the choice of your underwear is essential for the bride, pregnant or not.