What Male Garments Incorporate into Your Wardrobe?

This year, perhaps because of the crisis that has limited our purchases of clothing to the maximum, it has become fashionable go to the masculine wardrobe in search of clothing that you can keep us very well to us, and we have already seen how even the famous and the fashion stylists steal their boyfriends and husbands both trousers as blazers.

Today we collect all items of masculine cut that we can take. The trick is in mixed with feminine articles of clothing to play the contrast, and not go with a 100% male toes look to head.

The cords on flat shoes they are great with skirts of flight or fishing pants. A male complement as a belt or a borsalino Hat (as that can be found in the section of) H & M men) gives the perfect touch to many sets.

The baggy pants stay very well with a feminine blouse, with a jacket fitted or with a sweater, which we show is of French Connection. The Classic shirts men are slightly open and with rolled up sleeves. You can also use your lumberjack shirts as mini-dresses or tunics over skinny, can find it this shirt in Urban Outfitters.

The oversized jackets they are the perfect complement to a skinny or a dress, as the double breasted of Topshop. We may also use your vests, their cardigans with miniskirt, their scarves to be tied to the neck, their neckties and even their braces. The male wardrobe has no end. These jerseys can be found in Urban Outfitters.

But the male complement par excellence, Watch, gives the final touch. I’ve been looking for a watch so much time, but never meeting one ending me convince. This watch is in Timex.