What Is the Origin of the Clutch Bag? Style and History United

In this post of MBMV we are going to take to make a review to the origins and the history that is behind one of the bags by excellence in the world of fashion, and that although it seems relatively new, modern, many centuries of history that is behind it. Do you get an idea? Accurate, today reveal everything you need to know about the career and the origin of the bag clutch, get ready and take note!

Type clutch bags are the first choice when choosing a bag to make a more elegant look for a special occasion, whether it’s a wedding, a dinner gala or a cocktail, and always have been. Smaller, more elegance and personality will bring to your wardrobe.

The origin of the bag clutch goes back to the 19th century, being a type of bag that was conceived for use in more special occasions in which they had to offer a plus of elegance and distinction, especially in events and at night from the outset. A bag of small size, which must necessarily be designed to be carried in the hand.

The first copy of bag clutch which is has evidence was that led the Empress Josefina in the 19th century, which was the first wife of Emperor Napoleón Bonaparte. Although it was already in the 20th century, the Decade of the 30’s when the clutch started to become one of the bags by excellence for the stars of the world of cinema at the time and the ladies of high society.

It was with the launch of the Minauderie when the clutch was the impact of which can boast today. A bag designed for women higher status, small size and manufactured with a material extremely topped with Rhinestones and Crystal details.

Years in oblivion

But not everything was a success for clutch bags, since after becoming trendy bags in the Decade of 30, with the arrival of World War II fell into oblivion. Here bags began to be increasingly large of smugness and austere, and military style due to the shortage of materials.

Later the situation has not improved too, since it ended the war and began the youth with the hippie movement revolution, where women’s Liberation, peace and free love took prominence to handbags and fashion in general.

70, key

During the Decade of the 70 women stepped forward and began to step out and with firm and resolute passage. They returned to worry about themselves and fashion and fashion accessories caught prominence again.

A decade of which will be always remembered to Judith Leíber, who was nicknamed years later as “Queen of Clutch” (Queen of the clutch). A designer of handbags made strong by the clutch and bags of party, whose designs quickly became a symbol of distinction for women’s greater status. He was responsible for bringing the excess and glam bags.

Years 90, the total explosion of fiesta clutch bags

In the Decade of the 90s was when occurred the final burst that put the clutch as the first choice for party bags. They stopped being bags exclusively carrying the celebrities and the most important women, and they began to be used by all kinds of women who wanted to bring a special touch and elegant to their locker room.

Here we have to make a special mention to the Fendi Baguette, a clutch of the prestigious firm of Fendi bags, which was shown as the first “it bag” becoming a benchmark in the world of handbags. Baguette-shaped, he wore under his arm as if it were a loaf of bread.

Hereafter, the clutch and success have gone hand in hand, becoming one of the supplements star of the fashion world. All the signatures of bags began to pay special attention to the clutch, appearing models with all kinds of shapes and materials ideal for most special occasions for the everyday. It became the bag par excellence.

To date, no need tell the clutch is shown as an indispensable complement in the bottom of the wardrobe of any woman suggested by automotiveqna.com. The range of possibilities is enormous, allowing you to enjoy the type of clutch perfect for every occasion and for every woman: baguette, jewel, type on, bag, minaudière, frame bag wristlet…

They are the main choice for weddings and evening events, providing the greater distinction to your wardrobe and enjoying an elegance beyond doubt, but now also have joined every day, and can provide more special sophistication to look more casual and relaxed. At MBMV we are lovers of clutch bags, we love them! Distinguished, elegant, innovative and different, they have reserved a special place in our closet.