What Are Color Open and Color Closed?

“Color open” and “colors closed”, I already mentioned these two terms here previously, that can also be treated as the shades open and the shades closed, but I’m sure that a lot of people have no idea how to identify the nuances correctly.

What Are Color Open and Color Closed

There is no magic or secret technique for both, just remember that the colors that are open are always clear (lit) covering citrus, pastel tones, and the like, since the colors closed are dark and sober, including navy, black, grey, grape, olive green, brown, among others.

Colors are open and their use

The colors open are used quite a lot in the heat and has a higher visual light and cheerful, usually referring moments of leisure, even if you are not dress for any activity of this type, are also more appreciated in daytime activities, because the abundant light highlights them.


Color closed and your use

The colors closed are ideal for the desktop where it is required at least one costume fairly formal and serious, by passing a image more professional and focused of the people who use it. The winter also combines more with this type of tint, or is, anyone looking for clothes for the cold can invest in knitwear and jackets in shades of maroon, grape, burgundy, gray and dark blue, for example. Another occasion that prompts shades closed events are nocturnal, especially when we talk about costumes for events such as weddings or graduations, customs, graphite, navy and black are the most common of these cases.



Do not confuse the colors open with warm colors, warm colors consist of colors formed from a mixture of red and yellow, most of the time, but the sky blue is a cold color and open, for example.