Welcome to the Premiere of Newlines Shoes

Newline, which is most famous for his running clothes, launches in the spring of a completely new and unique shoe concept. Therefore you are invited to the world premiere in Stockholm Thursday, March 15, with Lisa Blommé and great deals. The only thing you need to do to participate is to pre-register here.

During the evening, the former international runner Lisa Blommé keep a short lecture on running technique, injury prevention training, breathing, posture, balance, and core strength.

Of course, you will also be able to test and buy Newlines new shoe models in the store.

The first 20 people who buy a pair of Newline-shoes (see a video about the shoes here) gets a couple of Iconic Power Tights on the purchase ($ 700 value). Throughout the evening, we will also have some different competitions with great prizes in the pot.

Welcome to an inspiring and festive event where Newline offers champagne and snacks.

Registration is now closed, when the evening is fully booked

Lisa Blommé
Lisa Blommé has won races as well as Finnkamp Tjejmilar and the midnight race. She has since 2004 been a personal trainer in the running and currently works as a by löparcoacherna on Running Australia.

She has a good insight into what it takes for both of you as active and your equipment to succeed as a runner.

About Newlines new shoes
Newlines new shoe concept is based on:

  • Individually customizable footwear for every individual and foot-by accessories fitted into the shoe as required.
  • Personalization of shock absorption-based on weight and surface.
  • Personalization/correcting pronation-based on ev. skew in increments.
  • Personalization of arch/fit-based on foot Vault height.
  • 6 models will be launched in the spring of 2012.
  • Price for ISPO Best Hardware Innovation 2011.

Some examples of models

  • Pacemaker -lightweight training/competition shoe for neutral runners to lighter pronation. 12 mm drop Toe/heel for normal stance and rolling
  • Hot Sauce -lightweight racer for racing and fast pass 12 mm drop Toe/heel for normal foot loading and scrolling
  • Exact Change -training shoe for runners who need extra stability. 4 mm drop toe/heel for a more framfots landing.
  • Nada -minimalist “bar foot asko” with 0 mm drop toe/heel. 99 grams!

More info about the Newlines new shoes can also be found at justinshoes.net.