Wave-O, the New Eco-fashion line With Wire

After discovering how to Aquafil regenerates waste nylon 6 in a new thread, Econyl, here is its application in fashion: the collection Be More Eco Wave-O.

That true luxury is to dress plastic? Ondine de la Feld, soul of Wave-O brand archi-designer, has no doubts, “he is more luxurious dressing plastic, because every leader who wears cleaned a piece of sea”. How is it possible? The answer is the line Be More Eco Wave-O brand created for this autumn winter 2014-2015, using the yarns Econyl, a nylon thread 6 regenerated from post-consumer waste such as fishing nets abandoned in the sea.

From sea to clothing pop

UnaDONNA.it had been in Slovenia for you to discover the history of this particular yarn, produced by Aquafil Group and leader of the project Healthy Seas. The fishing nets abandoned in the sea and other scraps are made ​​of nylon 6, a type of yarn that can regenerate itself indefinitely. Aquafil decided to invest in nylon 6 regenerated, which has the same characteristics as that obtained by conventional systems, creating the Econyl® and equipping brand for Slovenia for its production. An international synergy for the recovery of waste that hurt the sea, but it may be useful again to the earth, perhaps with a shiny new life in the fashion world.

Fishing nets regenerated have already found a romantic way to return to the sea thanks to the Koru and Arena costumes, using the wire Econyl®. Now we are at the second stage: a clothing brand has decided to use the wire Econyl® for the production of eco-fashion clothes to wear every day, so we go to discover the Wave O-line, with a glamorous mood and pop, which will be launched for autumn winter 2014-2015.

Be More Eco

The women’s line designed by Ondine from the Feld includes shirts with long sleeves T-shirt with short sleeves made ​​in the back and the sleeves with merino wool, while the front is made ​​with yarn Econyl®, decorated with slogans that reflect the ecological message of the collection. Plastic Love, be cool be eco, Alive, Kiss, I wear rycicled fabric  are just some of the messages to show off in an ironic and witty, with large letters or crystal decorations. The plastic to wear becomes chic! How they met Econyl® and Wave-O? “We decided to implement this project to create a new thought” tells Ondine de la Feld “and we were looking for a supplier of 100% recycled polyamide. The wire Econyl not cost too much and is very environmentally friendly.” The collection Be More Eco will be on sale from September 2014, directly on the Wave-O website or in stores that will be shown here.