Watches as an Investment

If you bought in the ’80s for $ 10,000 Microsoft shares and they still have today (or they have sold in December 1999 to the highest level), you are off the hook. The same applies if you are in the 80 specific Rolex Daytona bought models at the same price, as they then no one else wanted. In any case I would have rather stuck in the 80s my money in Microsoft. Then I would buy you a couple of old Daytona with manual winding and still had money left over.

So let us forget the watch collection as “investment” rather be back. A much more interesting question is whether a watch its value – at least -. Will retain Few of us can first owner of a Rolex Daytona or Submariner from the 1970s with Plexiglas including Box and papers indicate. Most of us have only bought this watch, when they came back into fashion, so at some point in the last 10-15 years.


Rolex Datejust II – To flights on Chrono24

We are often asked which watches will retain their value over the coming years. In modern watches can answer this question is difficult, since the Geneva watchmaker much more clocks produce than earlier and also modern materials such as ceramic, sapphire, silicon, etc. use. So they are less exclusive not only because of the production numbers, their appearance will not change over the decades. Old Rolex watches are now also so popular because they are aged beautiful with their brown dials, gray faded lunettes and magnifying plastic lenses.

Nevertheless, Rolex stainless steel watches are very probably still a safe bet, since the Geneva-based company regularly increases its prices and, accordingly, always pull the prices for used clocks by. After a few years so you will find that your Rolex not lost its value Has. Rather, their value will be increased or maybe even higher than the original price.

Rare and limited watches
Besides Rolex of course, there the rest of the world watches and Rolex is due to the unique position of not necessarily the best example of a comparison with other brands. If you are not interested in Rolex watches, you might want to choose a model that was produced in limited numbers. A watch is something rare will retain their value with probability. However, in very rare models could be the problem that the very thing that makes them so special, their demand and popularity diminishes. Nevertheless, a watch that was manufactured in small series, to be a very interesting acquisition. Certain watches as a “Limited Edition” may be highly sought after, especially by collectors of the respective brand. Panerai is this a very clear example.

A few models that are produced only in small quantities (but not specifically a Limited Edition are) as the Audemars Piguet Royal Oak 15202 also known as “Jumbo” or the Patek Philippe Nautilus 5711 / 1Aare known to have a high resale value , especially After a few years. Even young models used (5-10 years old) might have a market value that is higher than the original purchase price, and the probability is high that prices continue to rise in the future.

Vintage watches
In vintage watches you will notice that the prices of all the clocks that correspond to a specific model that is currently in demand strong, are relatively high. Such high prices are paid, for example, chronograph with a Valjoux 72 at the time, because this movement is just very popular among collectors. The brand name on the dial is secondary in the example. Keep in mind that at a clock next to the authenticity above all the (technical) condition is very important. Anyone can get on the Internet, the current clock rates here on Chrono24 , other Marktpläzen or even in the proceeds from auctions worldwide view and accept at once that the watch he or she found in the attic, is worth as much.

Patek Philippe Calatrava – To flights on Chrono24

But not any old watch is worth money. Collectors is extremely important to its original state. Thus, if at some point in the last few decades a bungling Watchmakers has the dial, movement parts, pointer etc. exchanged at the clock, it can at worst be virtually worthless.

One advantage is that vintage watches currently are hotter than ever. From prices that perhaps for a particular clock – for example, an old Breitling or Omega – quite seem high, you should not necessarily be deterred. If the watch for it is authentic and maybe even box and papers are still available, you should consider the acquisition may yet. At the current interest in vintage watches, the model will no longer to get possibly more favorable in a short time. Some would say that it is there but wiser now to pay the current price and for being able to call his own a good piece, as in a few years to determine that it is no longer absolutely available or affordable.

In any case – whether you are behind a vintage clock or a model with limited quantity ago – should be very concerned with the issue. Become an expert in this field, if it’s all extremely important that the clock in you invest, do not lose value.