Wardrobe Basics: Cardigan!

Hello everyone! Series basics wardrobe is one of our favorites from our work. We like to invent a simple outfit with a few basic pieces, and often these outfits are inspired, if not knowing what the day to themselves. This time we decided that we focus on Cardigan . Now, although still outside their thirties, but slowly but surely the time is coming when no one can not even blow. They are practical because they warm, look stylish and above can get in different colors, lengths and materials.

The first variant, we chose a longer cardigan without sleeves. From the elegant white summer dress with a clutch is suddenly comfortable outfit for everyday wear, and we are confident that a similar sweater guaranteed to enliven any outfit.

That’s how I dressed quietly walked each day (if I did not have much to go on foot and was not afraid that přizabiju dice on the streets of Prague) (boating so often changeable and sneakers) . Jeans, light top, small handbag and comfortable long cardigan. With this combination you can never make a mistake and even though they’re all just basic, simple pieces, you will look stylish and neat.

 We just love those H&M cardigans that walking nicely sway in http://www.cosycardigan.com/index.php/2016/12/h-m-cardigans-ladies/. So we have another one, this time with subtle gray pattern. To him we chose a top and shorts in bright, pastel colors and white sneakers. And we must admit that this outfit is all our favorite!

For the last outfit we bet on the combination of materials. Whenever you combine the same color, we try to find at least different materials. Leatherette pants and blue denim handbag is perfect couple. Do not you?

What kind of outfit you like the most? And that is closest to your style?