Video Games Inspired T Shirts

Formerly the nerds were made fun of at school and excluded from the fashion world, but with globalization and new technologies being geek has become synonymous with being tuned and cool.

Video Games Inspired T Shirts

The t-shirts inspired by comics, games, books and movies are popular among the younger generations, but also dominate the addict adult audience in technology.

Some video games such as Assassin’s Creed, Ubisoft, great sales success worldwide and invested in clothes features to please the fans. Sweatshirts, jackets and shirts are inspired by the franchise and come to imitate the clothing worn by characters in the story.

One of the most used shirts of the universe geek are with reference to the Mario Bros, one of the video games of recent times.

The success of geek fashion is such that a group of nerds and gaming fans created a company, Musterbrand responsible for creating several clothing lines inspired by  today’s large games like World of Warcraft, Hitman, Resident Evil, Diablo, Deus Ex, Watch Dogs and other famous in the nerd universe.

Small details call the attention of the clothes is given special care and accessories like cufflinks identical to the original of some game characters.

Brazilians have also been infected with the geek fashion, the company Fiction takes the unique illustrations to public designed by business students inspired by computer games and pop culture.

Another game that is not of today but that everyone knows is the Pac-man that inspires versatile and quite unique shirts and sweatshirts. Inspired blouses in old Nintendo games like Donkey Kong are betting for geek fashion with a certain vintage air.

There are so many shirts in retro style and specialty shops in the market that the way is to choose your favorite games to start innovating in wardrobes.

Long tees inspired by games left to be famous for children and to serve as cool look for stylish and modern people.

To accompany the stripped style, geek’s accessories inspired by films, TV shows and literature are the secret to complete the look. Mushroom shaped earrings of Mario Bros or Tetris are delicate and funny and are just right for you to create a cool and trendy atmosphere.