Two Young Designers at the Milan Fashion Week: Spring-Summer 2015 Leitmotiv

A positive riot with smiley faces and floral prints of the Spring Summer 2015 leitmotif. At the Milan Fashion Week the two young designers bring to the stage dream worlds and fairytale.

Parading on the catwalk smile, warning to smile or view of life, there was contagion.
Well done the two young designers and creators of the Leitmotiv brand.

Being two young designers and combine two passions: art and tailoring

For them, Fabio Sasso and Juan Caro, the honor of presenting the Spring Summer 2015 collection in the prestigious Milan Fashion Week, alongside the big names of Italian and international fashion.
The leitmotif adventure began in 2006 with an exhibition in Bologna, the leitmotif, as the same name, is an innovative style result from the union of two spheres: the tailoring skills and attention to detail of Fabio Sasso and artistic talents, as well as the search continues, Juan Caro.

Leitmotiv, escalation of a brand

A literal escalation punctuated by shapes, colors and icons pop style for a cheerful, energetic, young and that includes in its curriculum collaborations with prestigious companies such as Furla, Borsalino, Alcantara, Marella, Preview and Castañer. In 2008, the creative duo Leitmotiv part in Who is on Next, then comes the Leimoticon collection created with Stroili for the project of scouting for young talents “Stroili loves fashion” with big earrings, necklaces and bracelets, now entering the calendar Official of the National Chamber of Italian Fashion thanks to competition NUDE new Upcoming Designers, created specifically to give visibility to young talents of fashion and so win the Milan Fashion Week.

Free rein to creativity: imaginary worlds and joyful

The clothes and the leitmotif leaders seem canvas on which is expressed, in a completely unbridled creativity. The main inspirations are the smiling yellow smileys, like Pacman andemoticons traveling with our messenger and whatsapp , and floral prints.
From this musical mixes art and fashion, you have privileged access to a fairy-tale world, a other size with space-time factors renewed meaning and full of color, a fantastic imagination, where the scepter is in the hands of digital prints, fabrics and colors (the wholepalette of colors). Real magic for men and women, no ordinariness.

Capsule collection Leitmoticon e un claim: Be happy!

The capsule collection created for Leitmoticon Stroili confirms it: the message you want to communicate is just “be happy”. These jewels, cheerful and versatile, have no age nor clothing ad hoc, also go well with a full total black.

Next Spring-Summer 2015 leitmotiv tells, then, of distant fairy-tale worlds where reigns the smile always.