Trends in Evening Dresses: Asymmetrical Necklines

Sure many of you already walk to hunt and capture that perfect dress that will make you feel like goddesses at the party or parties to which you are going to go this Christmas. To not miss in the jungle, from Jezebel, we want to give you some recommendations. One of the most outstanding in evening dresses trends are asymmetrical necklines.

It is ultra-feminine detail, sexy and elegant. You play to teach no teach and you stay on the road in the Middle: teach one-shoulder. If you choose a black dress, It is the ideal way that dress does not fall into the boring. Takes good note of the dresses of Fendi, Versace, or Balmain, because with one seemed to give the nail on the head.

If you opt for something lighter, like the tones cake or nude, look at the examples of the parades of Elie Saab, Ungaro or Missoni dresses. So now you know, to find something like this in stores.

Reene Whiterspoon is aware of the latest trends, and the CMA Awards Gala, already points to the fashion of the dresses with asymmetrical neckline. In addition, it’s a Black Lace dress, which kills two trends in one shot.