Tips Looks with Long Skirts

not know how to wear long skirts yet? Check out some suggestions for you to wear on different occasions:

Thin and Sober Fabric Blouse with Long Straight Skirt and Lace – the rule is very simple and we have spoken here on our site. Use patterns and details in one part, the other may not have anything. Income asks smooth and without detail fabrics and gains a modern proportion when added brightness at the bottom. It’s discreet, elegant and chic, being able to go out at night without any problem.

Long Skirt with Ruffled Sleeved Blouse and Low Collar – or strapless blouse and ciganinha also looks good. The tip is to invest in discrete pieces to complement a look for work. Make a play on the contrast: light tone at the top and dark skirt or vice versa. A smooth ruffled skirt suits printed blouses and details too according to Anycountyprivateschools.

Long Skirt Flared Blouse with Race – yes, combines! The race goes well with almost everything and is great for those with the measures forms. Choose blouses to enhance the belly measures and the absence of a thick waist and get a sophisticated look and modern.

Long Skirt with Straight Blouse Strapless – offset at the bottom of the lack of fabric on top. With this tip, can you go to the ballad without any problem and will still continue elegant and sensual.

And with long skirts, forget the undergrowth and boots: are not elegant. Thin high heels, medium or wedge type are ideas to let the back straight and legs value. And with skirts dragging on the ground, the higher the better jump is the visual.