Tips For Recycling A Leather Jacket

Do you have a jacket that already nobody does not at home? Do giant?, which input horrifies, but has valid areas… You can always make a purse, a bag, a bag or maybe a jacket again…

The main objective is to get a garment new more possible and the desired shape,but it is not always easy, and we have to work with enthusiasm, but with realistic expectations.
A leather jacket is a garment that we can recycle:

1st by economics, are expensive clothes that are worth profitable and even when already can not be carried with the same way that we buy it.

2nd by ecology, too much cost have production to trivialize them and stop using them as a matter of fashion.

3º for convenience, everything that we have at home and that can be reused, better than best.

Today I want to share some points that I follow when I want to recycle an item with vosotr@s.

What do we do to start?

The first thing is to look good, we look at his court, turn it if there are more worn areas that we must discard.

Visualize what we would get from the garment.In my case I thought this jacket as a base, but I’m going to change enough, or rather I’m going to simplify…

1. I am going to remove the parts of sobremanga carrying on shoulders.

2. Not to plaston pockets, I will take those who have.

3. Not to waist skirt and sleeves flywheels.

I’m going to use simplified, I actually chose it that conforms to the original jacket jumpsuit cut, leads central opening with zipper, neck to box and back cuts.

Also is adjusted, which makes that by attempting to get a garment smaller we have a margin to remove worn areas and ensure us that the garment will be as new as possible.

When we work with a wide jacket we can cut rather than undo,

    also in this case it was necessary because the seams of friction, were very worn
    Backing is another party that is worth discard, put a new backing to a recycled, by cleaning garment and give a new look to the interior, is always a very good idea.

So, I started out there, unsewing the lining, cuffs and waist, were too worn out to do anything with them.

Also prior to the leather, I hydrated the skin with this product, extending it with a piece of wool fabric.

Much change the appearance of the skin
and when it comes to working on it becomes more comfortable.

Important:I recommend you to do tests with your machine before you start sewing the new jacket. To see that it gets along with the skin, if we need some covering for the foot, of the type of teflon, or putting strips of silk on the seam, so not stalling the machine stitching. But the best to sew the skin without problems, is to use Singermachines, yes the old. In my case, it is the use for these things and does it all perfectly. Besides having no motor have all necessary control so that the seams are perfect.

But you notice, not everything is so easy, if you follow me by IG, you may already have seen that yesterday unsewing the skin tore apart in one of the strikers. But a little while ago well, I’ve managed to solve it.

Have added you a piece to remove everything that was left
created by accident broken and an old metal brooch of the previous designHere you can see the area which I have replaced

And it’s a good thing about the skin is that allows improvised cuts that would not be possible in other material.

So I encourage you from here and especially if it is for you mism@s. It is a way of learning with recycled material.

Tomorrow I tell you the outcome in Rums, do not miss it.

And you do you fancy to recycle clothes? and skin?