Tips and Trends for Caps

Tips and trends around caps – for fashion-conscious men


The classic among the caps comes from the baseball. From there, the cool headgear conquered the fashion world and was originally in the skateboard and rap scene. On this page, there are now practical and stylish caps especially for men who maintain a youthful style. A statement of nonchalance and as practical: caps make difficult to uncontrolled hair disappear, protect against sun and rain and complement any cool leisure outfit. Learn what you should know for a fashionably perfect appearance with cap.


-What types of caps are there?


-Various wearing styles of caps


– What cap fits a certain occasion?


-These caps are in trend


-Is there an age limit for caps?


-Conclusion: coolness to fit


Cartoon Pattern Baseball Cap Hip-Hop Style Embroidery Trucker Hat Unisex

What types of caps are there?


A cap consists of five or six segments that are connected to each other in the middle. Inside, often a sweatband is sewn. The so-called fitted cap is offered in sizes depending on the circumference of the head of the wearer. There are flex caps, however, typically in only two sizes. They are characterized by an elastic rubber band on the inside, which is to ensure a good fit. Flex caps are closed back and therefore not adjustable. They are very popular with young people. Snapback caps can be adapted to your own head size with a snap closure.


Most caps here are made of cotton, while some are manufactured from polyester, wool or linen. Trucker caps have front two segments from foam and airy mesh fabric made of polyester or cotton on the back of the head. Worker, or army caps are designed in the military style: you have a screen, are up but flat cut and curled up until on the screen thanks to their construction: handy for outdoor activities.

Unisex Baseball Cap Color Block with Letter Prints Cotton Distressed Sports Hat

Wearing variations of caps


In the classic way, to wear a cap, the screen faces forward. Beware of a loose fit on the head and not too low drag in the forehead. Trucker caps can wear down with a small screen. If you applied a cap that the screen sits slightly sideways, you generate a very casual look. Also men who back see the screen hope for this effect. This wearing style is however subject to hip hoppers or young women, all others must expect as to be ridiculed pose or fashion victim.