They Return in Fashion Curls?

In the hairstyle all returns, as it is in fashion. If there is a season in which straight hair is in fashion, shortly after people living their image, they begin to vary to not always be in the same place. My colleague Chloe already said it a while ago, celebrity hairstyles with curls back and she put the example of Jennifer Lopez and Beyonce.

In recent days we have seen how the trend settled and established as normal. From Carmen Electra up to Lindsay Lohan, through the singer and pop diva, Madonna. It is curious as the last two have a resemblance so similar in styling.

To the famous three he sees them with a very hairstyle, but each brings its detail. In the case of Carmen Electra, mane prefers divided into two parts, leaving most of the smooth hair and only at the end of it the auction with loose curls

By the side of the pop diva, also has recently changed and we could see it as well at the premiere of Filth and Wisdom. A few curls that I personally do not like at all, but that we are seeing them slowly settling as trend. Very calculated and measured, from least to most to ends.

While Lindsay Lohan It has added to this style of the British. We saw it at the premiere of the film of Madonna. Lohan prefers to combine curls with blond highlights, to mix well even more colors in a small space: too dark side by an ugly moreno, and two tones in the hair.

I prefer the hair smooth and better care than this style, but fashion sends.