The Woman Is Wearing with O Figure Floral Pattern

If you are a woman with O figure , your figurative focus is in the middle of the body. You can use flower patterns papered over the pads on the abdomen and hips and long vertical lines to add to your silhouette. O woman with lush bosom floral decorations are also, to really put your décolleté in scene. Below I have compiled the most important tips you, how you can balance your proportions .

The O figure:
Draw vertical body lines with flowers and tendrils

  • Insert flower decorations preferably on the neckline, your slender legs, the hem of the skirt and on the feet.
  • Do not as floral decorations at your fuller body Center.
  • If you wear tops and dresses with empire waist, the neckline is particularly well, floral accents.
  • If you would like to wear skirts and trousers with floral designs, look straight, narrow cuts, a soft covered by fabric and to the correct length.
  • Floral skirts are knee umspielend the best, trousers can release the slim ankle – if this is worn a shoe with a high heel fixed. To best a longer, Mar­Vel­LOUS and dark top is combined.
  • Their secret weapon are straight or slightly waisted cut Couture jackets with ¾-sleeves and flower patterns, which perfectly complement an otherwise monochromatic look of O women. Keep it for a long, vertical line on the body – and there where the coat is worn open in the middle. Also, slender wrists are staged. The floral O type is well advised, when he is covers both for summer and for winter with a selection of such Couture coats. Stay at middle tones, tone in tone designs or monochrome patterns that should be getting at least a shade brighter, than what you wear including. You can wear these coats, frock coats and long coats to almost everything and still very long!

In addition to these tips, I have specially compiled for the O-figure type, see the post “15 figure tips let you fashionable flourish” more advice that can help you figured beneficial to dress with flower patterns. If you are still looking for a suitable look for your floral outfit , you’ll find it here .

And: tell me your slender tips as a woman with O figure?

There is the woman with X figure at the center of my “flowery” considerations in the next post then.