The Wedding Dress That Matches Your Body

The wedding date has been set and preparations have begun. You need to think of everything so that the big day is unforgettable: flowers, renting the ballroom, sending invitations to the wedding, preparing lists of gifts and a hundred other things. On the day of the party, however, the great attraction is the bride’s dress, as it is the detail that draws the attention of the guests. For this reason, knowing how to choose the ideal dress for you, that values ​​your curves and your personality, is fundamental to make the day unforgettable – in a good way, of course.

The Wedding Dress That Matches Your Body

The branch of fashion dedicated to brides nowadays is very varied and offers fanmodels and details for all body shapes, disguising greasy (that we all have) or highlighting what each one has of most beautiful. So here are some tips to make you feel safer when it comes to buying or renting the long awaited day dress.


It’s not that the lower women can not in any way wear long. They can, but if they wear long legs it will get cooler, because the model gives the impression of legs being longer. If you are a more modern bride and you like to dare, you can opt for a dress above the knee (but only if you feel comfortable like that, okay ?!).

Even taller women can wear long dresses without fear, because they will look beautiful, even more if accompanied by a little jump.


It is generally recommended that women with more breasts wear dresses with straps, to give more support. But brides with smaller breasts can bet on a fall-off without problems, as long as the dress is in the right measure, so as not to fall during the ceremony and the party. This is not to say that brides can not break the rules, after all, the important thing is that the dress is well adjusted in the body and she does not have to worry about holding the neckline throughout the wedding.


Wider handles are indicated for brides with larger breasts and broad shoulders. The thinner straps give the impression that the shoulders are wider, and therefore are suitable for more marginal and lower brides.


Neckline on the back looks gorgeous, as long as you know how to use it to your advantage. If you are thin and want to draw attention to the top of the body, invest in the decota on the back. If you are a little overweight and with fat on the back, prefer a simpler neckline.

Even if you are thin and want to use a bower, consider whether the event will happen in a church. If so, it is not appropriate to exaggerate so much in the neckline, as it may seem vulgar.


Chubby, short, tall or thin: Marking the waist is preferred by most brides. For this, it is worth investing in ties, embroidery and other embellishments that you like. It is also worth betting on tight dresses at the waist with the round bottom, which helps to give impression of pylon belt.

These are some tips, but the important thing even in choosing the dress is that you feel beautiful and super comfortable with it. After all, you’re going to have to wear it for hours during the ceremony and the party, and nothing would be worse than a dress falling all the time or one that gets super-tight, does not it ?!