The Perfect Look for a Company Dinner

Some will be looking forward to it and many others will be thinking every who himself. As of the business dinners, almost as widespread as the nougat Christmas tradition, is like family gatherings: You can not extricate yourself of them.

But it is that in addition to the component laziness joins that of the eternal rivalry. If you get on well with your coworkers, perfect, because you’ve already left spree earlier with them. But if you don’t swallow them and it was only missing you see them outside of work hours, over you have to add the factor clothing, and it is no mistake, is the first thing that will be set.

Because this is not new year’s Eve and not worth all today would answer to the eternal question of the What to wear?

As I was saying a company dinner is not an end of year or a bridal shower party, so avoid thumping necklines, convenient moderately shorter skirts, excessive glare, etc … not, it seems that they have taken the arsenal of gala of the Cabinet. It tries to be unobtrusive.

This dress from Mango, by the way, it is an advancement of spring 2009 collection, I think it is a superb choice. As a blazer XXL but fitted version is the perfect night version your uniform daily. And for only 75 Euro.

By default, I have taken the black as a reference, but it is the most helpful color for these cases. If pasasa of dresses or skirts, a good wide silk pants and the top that you prefer over, is a more comfortable option.

And if you have a few baggy pants, better. Perfect with white t-shirt, stilettos, and if you have a bolero Tuxedo will end up giving the stylish touch but with grace.

This also handle, and only 45 euros, is super. But you also have it in H & M, with the liner and purple and buttons, or Zara Trafaluc flaps.

And you can combine it with whatever you want.

Even with one of my favorite this year choices: the monkey. It is somewhat daring but with righteous supplements is winning and a relaxed business meeting is the best excuse to carry. When fate? This particular returns to handle and costs 40 euros.