The Perfect Look for a Class Dinner

Complying with the request to one of our faithful readers, Anna, you already know that your desires are orders as far as possible, Today we are going to propose looks for class dinners, another Christmas classic, and affecting girls and women of all ages: from those that are school-age, passing by the Institute, and the University, to those who do graduate and masters. Not to mention that are targeted to classes in yoga, pilates, cooking or craft.

Class dinners are equivalent to one dinner among friends, only that many times we do not know in depth the Diners, and is that they tend to be the perfect excuse to get intimate with those who share with us obligations or abilities, usually, These dates are the best occasion to celebrate and the height of this type of meeting is usually the classic of the classics: the invisible friend. Another as absurd as cumbersome custom nor understanding of ages.

Look, this is another reef for a post & #8230;

The best choice if you have the intention or the need to buy something, remains a dress, in this case, better to be informal, if a company dinner is not the early version of new year’s Eve, a dinner of class, more of the same: not you costume, or you view as if you had been invited to the Oscars. Leave the feathers, Glitters, and golds at home. And use them very sparingly, but. Lo mismito spirit & #8230;

The silhouettes and prints, is going to taste, I always say that at night all cats are grey, is a good saying that autoplicarse: have to dare to go a step further, but without going over. Come on, but you usually wear short skirts for the day, take advantage of night, do the same with the colors or prints. And above all: changes by heels flat shoes.

This Mango dress, for example, is one of those that you removed from the passage.

The same as this one. As always, the key is to add-ins: stockings, shoes, bag, and others.

So It doesn’t matter if yours are the jeans 24.

If raisins of skirts or dresses, We accept pants. Just a simple t-shirt of cotton, some high heel booties, and a Russian-type vest or a capelin or bolero, to give a different touch to your uniform daily. The formula is simple. And there are thousand combinations.