The Importance of the Right Socks

Go around in socks that give you the cold, wet feet, where bacteria thrive and where the easy formation of blisters? Or, choose dragging at you socks that will keep you dry and moderately hot, summer or winter? Not everyone understands the importance of good socks on his feet. Many people believe that one can buy an expensive boot and then use the socks at any time. The fact is that the socks are at least as important as boots for you to have a pleasant climate in the shoe and eliminate chafing.

What should I choose?

You should choose a sock of wool or synthetic then cotton binder wetness. Merino Wool is the finest wool that nature can offer and its characteristics have come to be appreciated in both underwear, socks, and hosiery from Merino Wool warms even when it’s humid, it’s cool when it’s hot and the itch is not. It also has a natural antiodörfunktion that odour.

The downside of the wool, however, is that the drops form when it gets wet, therefore it is often mixed up with synthetic fibres in order to maintain the shape. Whatever one chooses to have in their boots so is the basic rule always two layers, i.e. sock (well) and sock (porous) allowing any friction between the layers and not against the skin.

It is important that it doesn’t get too crowded in the boots when blood circulation is inhibited in the feet. How many socks you should have with you varies but you should change often and dry the damp pair such as on the backpack. With dry feet reduces the risk of sore feet.