The Future of the Sale of the Bra

And brands? Are they f factory? They design their product? They control the entire production process?

There are many ways of approaching a business. No doubt they have of having clear objectives to focus correctly on a path of success.

And what there is no doubt that the approaches can be very different.

And it is not to identify the target with age (terrible mistake), but with the style of life.

Those who deal with the Sector and especially with users, just knowing the concerns and needs that are apparently observed from afar by makers of design, development and production.

That’s also a mistake, either, that is not true. It depends on the approach and style of the brands.

There are brands whose mission is to boost sales. To get closer to his target, contemplate the aspects more Visual, price and changing designs. Find point of sale interesting and in many cases taking a corner in a macroestablecimiento, or an own store or franchise. To do this and thinking about their costs, they establish short sizes and Cup B (and in some cases C) and find ways to manufacture cheaply. And that Yes, a great effort in marketing.

There are other theme more important is their expertise in the development of patterns that shape the chest. The expertise in the sizing and capacity clips. Or the classic of “containment”. Products of health with specific functions. Clothes for sport…

This expertise, combined with design, gives the final aspect to the garment and determines the type of mark and qualifies it, and segments in its target user.

There also has to be adding the ability to give visibility to the products, a large dose of marketing and find settlements that respond to their expectations of business.

It is clear that each user has his own motivations and needs; And the great ignorance in all strata of the market on issues related to sizes and cups, the purchase of a bra has become a complex decision.

The educational work is to start from the brands. Having an expert in brafitting staff is a first step. Help stores improve their nursing skills, is a breakthrough. Give perspective to the consumer, so you know everything that know to go to buy in conditions, is another goal.

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