The Four Most Popular Types of Baseball Caps

The Baseball Cap Revolution

Even when baseball was already a popular sport and widely considered as America’s favorite past time, the use of ball caps outside the baseball stadium did not become a craze until the decade of the 1980s. Many believe that it was the confluence of TV, movies, and growing sophistication of sports clubs that persuaded people to see baseball caps in a different light. In the present time baseball caps are worn as a fashion statement while others wear them like talismans. For many people their favorite baseball caps has become a part of their personality.
Fitted Caps

There are different types of baseball caps. One of the most popular types is the fitted cap. This type of cap is made to fit individual head sizes. A signature feature is the covered back. If you are wondering why fitted caps are so popular, it is interesting to point out that Major League Baseball players all wear this type of baseball cap. Visit a blog about loosing weight and skin care
The great thing about the fitted cap style is that you can choose something that fits snugly to your head. In other words it stays in the same position even if you are running, biking, or walking the dog. No wonder why MLB players are compelled to use one. Another reason why it is a sought after merchandize is due to the fact that it is associated with professional baseball players. The great designs and superior quality of the materials adds to the popularity of fitted caps.
Flex-Fit Cap

Another popular design is the flex-fit baseball cap. Users choose from size small, medium or large. If it does not fit well, the elastic band at the back will adjust to your head. Thus, many consider this as “one size fits most”; If properly sized you will be surprised by the snug fit of the merchandize.

Adjustable-Fit Cap

Most caps sold today fits the category of adjustable-fit baseball caps. It has a Velcro or snap-style strap at the back allowing the user to make adjustments and making it practically a “one size fits all” hat. However, its popularity among women is not only due to its adjustability but also because of the opening at the back. The opening allows them to wear their ponytail with their hats on. Therefore, aside from shielding their eyes from the glare of the sun, women are grateful for giving them the ability to manage their hair while attending a sports event or participating in one.
Mesh Caps


Another important contribution to headwear is the mesh cap type baseball caps. The signature design is a plastic mesh back and tall foam front panels. The plastic mesh allows heat from the head to dissipate outwards. It usually comes with snap-lock adjustable band in the back. It is widely popular because you can buy one and be assured that it will fit somehow and if you give it away you know the recipient can wear it. Another reason for its popularity is relatively inexpensive price as compared to other types.