The Dresses of El ManiquÍ Vintage Go Out on Sant Sever Street

Taking advantage of the end of the summer, we wanted to celebrate the change of season with a selection of vintage dresses .Hence, some of the most beautiful clothes in our catalog will be strolled through the entrance of El Maniquí Vintage.

We will start the review with the dress that appears in the head, a colorful garment that has about half a century of history. French design and print of floral reminiscences.

More recent, at the beginning of the century, we find a garment designed by Comptoir des Cotonniers .Silk and embroidered beads on the sleeves.Definitely a jewel of the French firm.As in the previous model, the belt plays an important role in the whole.

The next dress was belonged to a Madrid couture shop. It presents the attractions of the wild silk, is a creation of the fifties, with folds in table and which complements a belt ‘noventero’ of skin.

Then another piece of the nineties. In this case, white makes a fantastic game with raffia hat, ideal for summer looks looking for elegance and versatility.

For you to see that the raffia is timeless, we have combined another dress, in this case, Swiss embroidery from the nineties, with a beautiful cap of fifty.

We continue with a Burberry shirt dress that emulates the Texan and that fits a belt of metallic buckle. Ideal for casual moments that do not want to give up elegance.

And finally, a combination of the ninety: vaporous silk plumeti in a blouse made by Valentino . Appears in combination with a cotton skirt and jacket from Loewe . With this look we insist on the possibilities of the hat, a complement that in The Vintage Mannequin we love, as we have already explained in other occasions.

Thus, with these dresses of El Maniquí Vintage we closed the summer and enter in September. And even though we’ll miss the sun, think that changing temperatures also means a change of clothes, with all the fun that entails!