The Catalog Of Bikinis Calzedonia: Spring Summer 2017

A new spring summer season is just around the corner so you’ll be starting to search for the latest fashion proposals of bath and in particular of bikinis and of course, a firm that makes us each year, essential. We are going to show now the catalogue of Bikinis Calzedonia: spring summer 2017.

A new season of bikinis Calzedonia has already been presented and the truth is that the images with this signature proposals present us with a series of stunning models that stand out not only by the more feminine designs, but also for the latest in colors and patterns.

In this way, if you’re looking for a spring bikini summer 2017 that is sensual, nothing like see new proposals of Calzedonia which are joined by some of the latest trends of the season. Among them have, for example, the polka dot patterns arising for models which have other details that make them very current as the fringes, the influence of the “retro” style or the use of bright colors.

Along with those prints of moles that you mentioned, we have to talk also colors and so, perhaps pink, red or coral tones more of fashion areand also, more flattering. We can thus look to the last and highlight even more the moreno on our skin.

On the other hand, Calzedonia opts for the tribal patterns that are very popular and are no doubt especially sensual. The firm presents them in model of bikinis that add further details in black and with Ruffles or loops on the sides of the panties.

Which seek colors that are more “classic” or that are recurrent, have to be mentioned as not white, which has always been characterized by being the perfect tone to highlight the moreno. Calzedonia not only committed by this colored bikini models but which also met models presenting the trend, or commitment to crochet.

And also for those who seek the most elegant color of all, black, find bikinis Calzedonia spring summer 2017 with this tone.

Bikinis that are very “sexy” already they have overtures, and with small details of ties at the side of the panties, while the top is strapless.

To everything you mentioned, but it is worth to highlight that Calzedonia also focuses on tropical prints and also stresses its commitment by the Brazilian bottom embossing, and it looks good.

We leave pictures of these bikinis in Bombebikini.