The Best Smartwatches and Smartbands of Today | Casual Sports

This guide recompilamos the best Smartwatches (Smart Watches) for different price ranges, from the more affordable and accessible, even the most comprehensive and expensive.

A few years ago that some companies have launched their first wearables, electronic devices that can be used as if they were pieces of clothing. However, we’ve only begun to see this kind of devices with 3 g connection, integrated GPS and many other features recently. If you use a smartphone, you might not need a smartwatch clock, but having one can make many tasks.

If you have any questions, ask Iron Man how many times the smartwatch clock your saved his life.

If you want to buy a smartwatch clock, we are pleased to have entered into this article. Here recompilamos the best so they can find what they like most and what best fits your needs.

Let’s see!

Things to consider before buying a Smartwatch clock?

It is appropriate to make a preliminary analysis to know which is best for you. Therefore, it is advisable to think about the following:

How will use: If it’s your first smartwatch clock, and don’t know if you really use, the best is to buy a cheap. When you adapt to the device, you know what I wish and if it is really useful. For example, if they are sportsmen and need a smartwatch clock with GPS.

The material, components and design: almost all that we recommend on this list are convenient, but perhaps some are more customizable than others. Another aspect to be taken into account are the components that integrate and your construction. For example, if you usually swim and don’t like to watch, you can buy one that is resistant to water and allow you to record your exercise.

Compatibility and system: if you have an iPhone, don’t buy a smartwatch clock with Android Wear. The same happens if you have an Android mobile phone, don’t buy an Apple Watch. Taking into account the system and your compatibility with your phone.

If you already know what you want, then start the list. We hope you will enjoy.

The best Smartwatch clock for less than 50 €

Xiaomi MiBand 2

The MiBand 2 has a simple design, but very functional. Unlike the previous MiBand, this enters an OLED screen of 0.42 ” that allows you to view the notifications from different apps without having to use the phone.

The your material also improved respectively to the previous model and your gum is more flexible. Continues to be a very small device, perfect for those who want something compact or those who are not accustomed to use a watch.

Battery life is up to 20 days. Other variables is the Bluetooth connection 4.0 and its monitoring functions. It also includes protection against water and dust, a good news for those who want to use at the beach or pool.

Compatibility: 4.2 Android and following, and iOS (iPhone 5 et seq.). However, to get you the highest performance, the best is to have an Android, more precisely a Xiaomi (so I can unlock the phone only with the smartband).

POSSIBLE USERS: Xiaomi or Android devices they want a smartband that you notify every moment of your notifications. The your low price is a plus for those who want to try a wearable style for first time.

The best Smartwatch clock for less than 200 €

Sony SmartWatch clock 3

Sony has always had a beautiful design on all their devices, and this is no exception. To your range of belts available provides a variety of options, among which we can choose the metal, Silicon or leather.

It’s a smartwatch clock with a 1.6 “screen, a Quad-Core processor 1.2 GHz, 512 MB RAM and 4 GB of memory. Has a 420 mAh battery and Bluetooth 4.0. In addition, a compass, accelerometer, gyroscope and GPS function, which allows you to connect with your cell phone and record the route used.

Compared with other Smartwatch clock, this is a good option for lovers of Android, since it relies on the Android system Wear.

Compatibility: 4.3 + Android and iOS.

POSSIBLE USERS: young sportsmen, Android users that use the smartwatch clock as an add-on.

ASUS Zenwatch 2

This Smartwatch clock has two different versions of which have a housing made of stainless steel. For some ticks can be a little big, but it’s still a comfortable and beautiful device.

Is a smart watch with a Snapdragon 1.2 GHz to 400 with 4 GB of memory and 512 MB of RAM. Also incorporates Wi-Fi and Bluetooth 4.0. Has a AMOLED screen 1.45 “with a resolution of 320 x 320 pixels, which is powered by your 400 mAh battery.

COMPATIBILITY: 4.3 + Android and iOS.

POSSIBLE USERS: Who needs a cheap device, but at the same time complete and compatible with Android.

The best Smartwatch clock for less than 300 €

Samsung Gear S2

The first Samsung Gear had a curved screen but was square. The S2 changed design, opting for a 1.2 “AMOLED screen circular with the bordes Revolving round. We highlight the your screen protected by Gorilla Glass 3.

Features a button to rewind and another for the apps. The roller ring allows you to easily navigate between the Citizen apps quickly and accurately. Honestly, we love this watch. In your interior we can find a 1.0 GHz Dual-core processor from Qualcomm, 4 GB of internal storage and 512 MB of RAM. But in addition, incorporates a 300 mAh battery that can last up to 2 days of use, an integrated GPS and a 3 g version.

The OS used by this device is the Citizen. It’s a little different to Android Wear, but has many apps and is compatible with Android devices. With iOS as well, but you must install the app from Gear Fit 2.

Compatibility: Android and iOS 4.3 + 8.2.

POSSIBLE users: sportsmen or demanding users who need a full clock and options. It is also a good option for anyone who wants a watch as an add-on, as it has interchangeable straps.

Bike 360 2nd Gen

The 360 was the first major smart watch to incorporate a round design, what you’ve accomplished quickly position yourself in the market as one of the best. In addition, the quality of its materials is the best that we can find a smartwatch clock.

But it’s not just a nice watch. In your inside we found a Qualcomm processor, 4 GB of storage, 512 MB of RAM, a 320 mAh battery (which can last 1 day), Bluetooth 4.0 and Wi-Fi connection. Impressive, isn’t it?

Incorporates Android Wear 1.3.0, which allows you to receive notifications of emerging Android, as well as installing apps. Also uses speech recognition which provides Google Now.

COMPATIBILITY: 4.3 + Android and iOS.

POSSIBLE USERS: those who like some of its design (classic or sporty version), and you want a relatively inexpensive terminal with integrated GPS.

Huawei Watch Classic

The design is very nice and your formal. The surface has a polished and finished the round screen is protected by a crystal of Zafiro. The stainless steel housing is also very sturdy and attractive.

Like most of the smartwatches that are on this list, it has a memory of 4 GB and 512 MB of RAM, what sets it apart from others is the your the 1.2 GHz Snapdragon processor 400 and 1.4-inch AMOLED screen your. Has 6 sensors also designed for different functions, and a 300 mAh battery that can last 30 hours in operation.

Compatibility: Android and iOS 4.3 + 8.2 +

POSSIBLE USERS: ideal for all users who want an Android Wear with an elegant design.

The best Smartwatch clock for under 400 €

Samsung S3 Gear

The Samsung S3 Gear is an improved version of the S2: it has a larger screen, more connectivity options, better battery and a more classic design.

The Gear S3 account with a AMOLED screen 1.3 “, a little bigger than Gear S2. With this increase in size also took into account the battery, which is now 380 mAh. The rest remains similar, with the revolving accessory that allows you to use the Citizen of a system your intuitive way. In addition to increased RAM, we also now with NFC/MST and GPS in both models.

Is a device with many improvements but not a radical change in relation to the Gear S2. More demanding users will use all its functions, how beginners can en choose S2 which is now much cheaper.

Compatibility: 4.4 + Android and iOS 8.2.

POSSIBLE users: most demanding users and you want the best Android smartwatch clock time. Also recommended for those who want a slightly more modern style and classic.

Apple Watch

What else can we say about Apple Watch they don’t know? Nothing, absolutely nothing, since it is the world’s most popular smart watch.

The most special feature of this terminal is the “wheel”, which allows you to interact with the device without covering the screen at any time. It is very useful to use maps or switch between menu options.

Has a 1.32 “screen with a resolution of 330 ppp, Bluetooth 4.0, accelerometer, proximity sensor, heart rate controller, gyroscope, WiFi and NFC. The only negative aspect of this device is that it doesn’t have GPS and is only compatible with iOS.

Compatibility: iPhone 5 and following.

POSSIBLE users: if you don’t have an iPhone, don’t buy the Apple Watch. However, if you have an iPhone, the Apple Watch is an excellent complement.

The best Smartwatch clock for less than € 500

Apple Watch 2

This device is not much different to the Apple Watch Series 1. Continues to have the same design and size: 38 and 42 mm. material continues to be the aluminum and the straps remain in many colors.

In relation to income has already found some important differences. It has 8 GB of internal storage, 512 MB of RAM and a 1.32 “screen brighter. The main improvement was in your processor, S2, which has more graphics power and an integrated GPS. You can also dive to 50 meters, one of the main characteristics criticized by the previous version.

Compatibility: iPhone 5 and following.

POSSIBLE users: there are only two reasons why someone wants to buy this Apple Watch: GPS and water resistance. If none of these reasons it is important to you, it is better to save a few euros and buy the first version.

The best Smartwatch clock to do sports

In this list of the best smart watches, we also want to make our list of the best to do sports.

Misfit Ray

If you want a sports smartband not call the attention, then this smart sports bracelet is what you’re looking for. The your elegant design goes beyond conventional devices. Is created with a spherical piece that gives you a unique and discreet appearance. Can be used as necklace or bracelet. However, your size, does not incorporate a screen.

This device functions vary between a pedometer that allows a defendant and the monitoring of sleep with Misfit. It also provides an alert messages and calls.

Jawbone UP3

The design of the Jawbone UP3 has the characteristics of a conventional smartband, attractive and really quiet. The model has changed a lot compared to other brand devices: new buckle and a more optimized firmware.

This device had some negative reviews in the past, but the Jawbone UP3 has surprised everyone, especially by your firmware. In addition, it also has other functions such as sleep monitoring, measurement of the heart rate at rest and active body, the level of light and the galvanic skin response.

Fitbit Charge 2

Fitbit has updated the template your Charge to a second version, which has an OLED screen bigger and new functions such as PurePulse and VO2 Max. Don’t have integrated GPS, but at least you can connect with your mobile phone and save the path.

This sporting smartband is available in 4 different colors: blue, purple, turquoise and black. Can also choose between two colors of special belts, like lavender with pink gold, or black with grey.

PurePulse is a technology that performs a total follow-up of heart rate and shows an evolution of physical activity. With this sporty bracelet can also receive notifications of your calls, messages, events, and other notifications.

Garmin Vivomove

This smart watch can seem a bit traditional, but hides some features behind your design. The Vivomove account with indicators inside the sphere that can show the number of steps, calories burned and sleep quality.

The traditional image is strengthened with the traditional pointers and adaptation with two belts: a classic version and other silicone (available in black and white), and a more expensive model with leather strap (available in white, Brown and mahogany).

Is a water-resistant device with a battery able to last up to a year. However, is there anything you won’t like: does not notify messages, phone calls or other notifications that you receive on your mobile phone.

Garmin Vivosmart HR +

The design of this device is identical to the Approach X 40, another version with GPS of the same brand. The material chosen for the belt’s buckle and elastomer has a easy to use. The total weight of the device is only 33 g, very light for a smart bracelet.

Even though the monochrome LCD is small, it’s tactile. Can last up to 5 days making a register of pulsation throughout the day and using the GPS can last up to 8 hours you keep. The device has the optical sensor, built-in accelerometer and a barometer. In addition, is water-resistant to 50 m.

This device is mainly oriented to the Runners. If you don’t like it, or want to practice other sports, maybe you should not buy this device.

Tomtom Spark Cardio + Music

TomTom for two years released to market different sports watches, but we have no doubt that this is the best. With it you can listen to music without having to take the cell phone has GPS, is water resistant and more. These and other characteristics of the turn in a highly recommended product.

This device has a minimalist design and the possibility of using small and large belts. Small straps are available in light blue and black, while the design with your big belts is only available in black. The your design is not the most beautiful of all, but even so, it is very complete.

Can store up to 500 songs, in addition to monitoring the heart rate when you are on the pulse throughout the day. You can also schedule a week of objectives on which want to great losses of calories or remain active.