Swimwear Plus Size Underwire

There is nothing that says summer, Sun and holiday as much as swimwear! Some years, you have to escape away to the South to heave the Bikini and swimwear, but other years are we lucky to swim suits can be used and enjoyed in the Danish summer. Although we reportedly originate from Vikings, not everyone who has the courage to take the winter jacket of in December and take a dip in a swimming suit or just a pair of speedos – but for the few who have the courage can also be used in winter, swim suits. Otherwise, it is of course also a possibility to travel to Thailand, Brazil or Australia for example when the Danish winter is too harsh – and we should remember the swim suits in the trunk. Some have an impressive selection of bikini tops and pants, as they can mix as the appetites, while others prefer a selective range of swimwear from a top designer Chloé or Mara Hoffman. There are plus size swimwear for your options. View here for more.

Swimwear Plus Size UnderwireSwimwear Plus Size Underwire