Superdry Warrior Sunglass

Charming, confident and sophisticated …

We are introducing the Warrior, the new sunglass from the cool street style label Superdry. Warrior has taken shape after the great popular aviator. But with Super sprinkle an eye for detail separates Warriors characteristic design stand out from the crowd. The lenses are a bit rounder and more compact interpretation of Warrior is a classic. Together with the discreet extended metal bar over nose bridge gives the Warrior his own identity. Nose restraints gives you a secure and comfortable fit all day long. The bars are more refined and is wider than the thin rods on the traditional aviator. Warrior, however, is still just as easy to carry. And these can be yours for a substantially lower price.

You can choose to have the Warrior in gold. Antique brushed Gold gives the Warrior special opulent glow that sweeps around the lenses, nose bridge and the rods. Super sprinkle designs is known for the popular vintage feeling. Gear mechanism is visible through the Brown rod ends. Warriors name is written on stan’s inside.

Superdry Warrior Sunglass 2

The who get Warrior to stand out from the other pilot sunglasses are the Japanese symbols, which is engraved on the bars. These characters have been Super sprinkle iconic signature. The founders Julian Dunkerton and James Holder took a trip to Tokyo to do research for a new clothing line in 2003. During the voyage, collected the various pieces of food packaging and they noticed that the word “super” went over and over again.

Superdry Warrior Sunglass

Holder transferred its penchant for Japanese graphics for the design above the English. The two founders has stated that the name Superdry “is derived from the street slang for really well”. The logo and the successful mix of British tailoring and American youth culture has made Superdry iconic. David Beckham, Zac Efron, Justin Bieber, Ed Sheeran and Leonardo DiCaprio are just some of the celebrities who have been spotted wearing Superdry clothes. And it is currently one of Britain’s fastest growing high street brands.