Style Guide: How To Choose A Shirt To Work

How many times have we gone to a clothing store trying to find the perfect shirt to go to the office every day?

Here it has set for us the basic rules of what to do and what not to do to choose the perfect shirt to work in the office:

“Choosing a good attire for work makes a big difference in the perception of others towards your person and your professionalism, and on many occasions is a determining factor to close a deal or get what one proposes. , The first impression is the most important. ”

When you enter a store, an office or a customer service center, you automatically approach the person who denotes the most professional, and for practical purposes, unconsciously that person is, from your point of view, the one that best dressed find. The shirt, being the most visible garment in most cases, is what most contributes to your professional image, and that is why it is vital to know how to choose the right shirt.

But how do I choose the shirt? How do I know that the shirt I choose is the most appropriate for my job today? You do not have to be an expert in fashion and trends to choose. You simply have to keep the following factors in mind.

Size And Adjustment

For a shirt to look good on you, you must have the perfect measurements of both sleeves, neck, chest, back and abdomen.

Common Problems

Back: We often find that down the back of the shirt is simply “ball” and comes out on all sides, making you look disheveled.

Solution: The shirt should never get out of the pants. It should have a basic clearance that allows you to sit and move freely without stretching, but with enough adjustment that when standing do not make “bags” over the belt.

Chest: Other times, especially men with a very broad back, we find that by fastening the first three buttons of the shirt (from the neck down), the fabric “stretches” or gives the feeling that at any time A projectile button will be fired.

Solution : The chest of the shirt must be adjusted, but the buttons should never stretch the buttonholes. An infallible test you can do is to throw your elbows towards your back, and you should only stretch minimally when you reach the limit.

Neck: The neck of a shirt especially if you are wearing a tie, is another element where we commonly find two opposite oversights… or the neck is so tight that it seems that you are hanging, or is so loose that it seems that you have never put a tie on your life.

Solution: The closed collar of the shirt should allow only two fingers between your neck and the button of the shirt.

Sleeves and cuffs: The most common neglect with the sleeves of the shirt is the length of them, whether they are very short, or extremely long.

Solution: The cuffs of the shirt must finish one finger (wide) after the wrist bone. Any length outside of it is incorrect.

RECOMMENDATION: To have a shirt that fits your body perfectly, we recommend buying shirts made to measure, because only then you can have shirts perfect for you at all times.


One must adapt his dress according to the general style of the company where he works. Whether the style is formal or casual, one must be right at all times not to out of place and give the feeling of misplaced. Here the neck is of vital importance. There is a great difference in style between a button-down collar and a “French” or “Italian Low” neck. (Look at the different neck styles here).

The fabric of a shirt goes very according to the season of the year and the climate in which you are.Use a Cheuron cotton shirt like those of Tact Cashmere, are used in winter, and those of 100% linen in summer. If you wear a type of shirt out of season, you run the risk of giving a wrong and misplaced image. That is why it is very important to know how to choose the fabrics according to season. As a rule of thumb, weave fabrics and light touch for spring and summer, and thick fabrics in autumn and winter.

Plain colored shirts, striped shirts or frames conform to the level of style of the environment. Here our recommendation is to look at the general style of the workplace, and choose a type of drawing or another according to the common rule. As we mentioned before, our biggest recommendation is to buy custom shirts, which not only allows you to have shirts perfect for your body type, but also give you a wide range of possibilities to choose from fabrics, drawings, necks, Fists, etc. Only in this way can you highlight your professional image at any time, in any place and situation, while maintaining your own personal style. ”

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