Strappy Bra: Meet The Bra Straps That Is Fashionable

The fashion world is always full of news, some do not go forward, others have already become major trends and are at the height of fashion for several seasons.

But wrong who think that the world does not reach the fashionístico world of lingerie, on the contrary (see here our post about the colors of Autumn/Winter fashion lingerie), lately women are feeling more comfortable to leave out some details of the underwear. The bra is the most used and the market goes back to launch new trends and the last one I won like a lot of people is using Bras with different strap, straps that form interesting details.

Strappy bra, that’s the name of the BRA that is fashionable! Is nothing more than a bra strips. Several strips are made with the same material used in brassiere strap. Generally they are not worked only on the back, but also on the front of the BRA, leaving the cervix more evident and strips naked in clothing.

At the last parade of Colcci brazilian brand, which was the last parade of beautiful Gisele Bundchen, bras of strips were parts present in the composition of various looks, including that Gisele modeled. The photo above is of the parade and shows an option of looks paraded with a strappy bra white.

In the current novel Babylon, actress Sophie Charlotte appears in some scenes with looks that make it very evident strips bra model.

The beauty of the model is not just evidence, but it is also a new and great option to replace Bras with back “swimmer” that are generally not as beautiful, even with butterflies and strass applications and incomes; the strappy bra has straps that form more geometric designs that end up valuing not only clothes, but also the back of the woman. Actually, it’s as if the BRA itself work as an accessory, since the strips form such beautiful and evident details.

Sexy Just Right And A Bit Vulgar, Bras With Straps Beyond All Functionality Are Also Very Cute!

Choose your Favorites and get ready to make nice.