Stockings White Yes or No?

We know that this winter are colored stockings and the patterned stockings, that serve to brighten the cold and gray winter morning and break with the monotony of dark tones, but the designers show us from the catwalks choice, rather more risky: the White Sox.

Although they may seem typical averages of nurses or school ballet dancers, designers such as Nicolas Guesquière for Balenciaga and Narciso Rodriguez they have shown us its side more fashion from the catwalks in their futuristic proposals.

To you maybe you seem a unflattering fashion, but the girls of Gossip Girl are afraid to take them. Blair Waldorf and Jenny Humphrey have worn them in several episodes of the series, in looks that lead to end the preppy style, almost of comic, and give prominence to snap-ins. With a few looks so fashion the message they send is: these socks are trendy, took them as well by the way, okay?.