Special Halloween: Witches Are

Although Spain is celebrated the castanada (at least in Catalonia), in the rest of Europe, this Pagan tradition closely linked to the Celts and witchcraft, and that immigration spread across America, reaches deep and increasingly the capital targeting the fashion of the Pumpkins, the costumes and the game of “trick or treat” on the night of the 31 October.

Halloween It is a party which, under the pretext that children like to, elders held it as prelude to Carnival, and it is that that dress it one is not always has thrown much, because everyone likes to become another person, albeit once a year.

The witch costume is the most recurring for the evening, but if you want to avoid you layer up to the feet, the Jet-Black pelucon, broom and the wart on the nose, you bring here perfectly reusable options.

Luella based virtually its entire collection autumn-winter 2008/09 on a sorceress look halfway between nymph and Elf grunge, and if you not want to spend money on rent an outfit, take advantage of a dress pictures, which both are this season, or failing that a white shirt, a black mini skirt, and thick stockings, preferably Red. Excite you hair (if it can be, iron it to the) rehash eighties) and makeup with a very pale (whitish) base with the eyes very marked and faded black.

If you will look more witch amish, yours is the type styling Roberto Cavalli: dress long and exaggerated apron, hat type Cup, but straw and half round booties. Perfect if you atas surrounding a black ribbon. Come on, with a tight t-shirt and skirt extra large with flight, you better the same.

If what we really like is the punk, thing is the look Rodarte. Buy one tulle skirt, breaks stockings and combine it with a semi-transparent top. Don’t forget to paint your lips and fingernails black. And if you dare, snap some shoes Not bad Red.

If you like it Gothic and over a fan of Alexander McQueen, do not hesitate to make you with a Maxi wool jersey , always in black, or patterned in white, and put under a cancan (if not in accounts, get it as is).

If what really makes you happy is the layer, making you a good long like this of Giles (perfect blue oil in bright tissue), hooded, and get under a mini dress. Garnish with gloves, extra large, and a few pumps of scandal (patent leather would be good), and you will be the most desirable neighborhood witch.