Skirt: How to Compose Powerful Looks with This Sensual Piece

The slit skirt is able to transform the look, bringing style and sensuality to the look. The cut, which appears in various models of skirts, yields varied combinations as well as being a stylish way of showing off the legs.

Get out evasé learn how to assemble stylish looks with the piece

We invite style consultant Helena Villar to give you tips on how to incorporate slit skirts into your wardrobe and everything you need to know about the piece.

According to her, “although it is a skirt with small slit, it insinuates an opening, so the look captures and the imagination always accompanies.” Check out the tips on how to use the various models of slit skirt, and how to combine them with style

Side slit skirt

According to Helena, side-skirt skirts are easy to find and match. For the style consultant, “because the skirt is a sensual piece, it’s legal to avoid more sensuality in the upper part, like pieces with a lot of neckline, very thin straps, backs from outside to not get too over.”

Front slotted skirt

The front slit skirt can be combined in several ways. According to Helena, the colors more sober and serious contrast with the sensuality that the piece brings, making it more elegant. For a more relaxed look, it is worth betting on open and cheerful colors.

The style consultant warns that the ideal for front slits is that it be in longer, longer or mid skirts with small crevices, since it opens more than the side and can be complicated in the matter of comfort. “There are some front-slit skirts but there’s a lining underneath, which we call a fake slot, it’s an option too.”

Slotted long skirt

This model is perfect for those who love a remarkable detail even in everyday clothes. According to Helena, long and casual skirts have a more “relaxed” look.

The interesting thing about this type of skirt is where the crack starts. For the consultant, “a moderate slit coming out of the middle of the thigh is more than enough.” To know the real limit of the slit, it is recommended to sit and check if the skirt is comfortable.

Skirt midi skirt

With knee length or slightly below, this is another quite common model. According to Helena, “there are even zippered models where you regulate the size of the slit, super practical.” For her, the midi skirt has the minimum length to fit a slot.

To put on a bold look with style, remember that “more structured, full-bodied, or opaque fabrics balance the crevice. The opposite, that is, fabrics with textures such as leather and luster, reinforce the sensuality of the skirt. ”

Short skirt with slit

You can combine the short skirted skirt in several ways. With shirt, a more casual blouse or even with the same print of the skirt.

For the style consultant, however, care should be taken when wearing this type of skirt because the short length, beyond the crevice, can leave your panties to show!

Black skirt with crevice

Versatile, the slit black skirt can be combined in both a chic look and relaxed look.

According to Helena, “for those who enjoy and want to try a slit skirt but have a hard time feeling ultra mega sexy, it’s only to combine with more contained pieces, like a loose and more closed blouse.”

To relax, use the skirt with sneakers or a classic style shoe with moderate heels.


Skirt with white skirt

There are several models of white skirt with skirt and it also combines with varied styles. The tip of the style consultant is: “Let the slit be the focal point! If you want to complement, use a more powerful sandal, a higher but delicate heel, or a make with eyes well marked and also sexy are a good option. ”

Cracked skirt

Just like the others, you can combine this skirt model with lighter fabrics for a more sophisticated look, or choose your favorite pattern and sweep in a visual for both day-to-day and party.

Helena also recalls that “there is no biotype to use the piece, who” holds “a crevice does by style and personality and not by type or shape of body.” It only indicates to watch for good trim and avoid very fair pieces.