Simple and Inexpensive Wedding Decoration

Marriage is a very important moment in the life of the bride and groom, and many especially women dream about every detail of that day, from the guests, the place, to the decor, of course.

As this event is generally very expensive, as are moving in together then you need to set up the House, and still has the expenses with the ceremony and party, the bride and groom want to do a simple and inexpensive wedding decoration, but without leaving aside the beauty and elegance of the event.

So we’re going to show you this simple ideas and tips that can make a difference to leave wedding decoration more economical and still look so pretty!

How to Make a Simple Wedding Decoration

Firstly, a type of decoration that falls very well always the floral decoration. From there, consider using flowers of the season, as they will be cheaper and you can save, not to mention the fact that they deteriorate more slowly than other flowers, as they are adapted to the climate of his day.

To achieve a good result with arrangements without spending a lot, use simple flowers along with foliage to give padding and will make a beautiful arrangement. If you want to use flowers, use along with simple flowers not to be expensive.

There’s no need to exaggerate in ceremony decor since it is still necessary to decorate the party location. The banks of the guests for example can be embellished with flowers Alternately, no flowers at all. If you don’t want to leave some banks without any decoration, you can use ribbons or a simple ornament in these banks.

Also use candles decoration, but to be on the safe side remember to put them in glass vases. The result is very nice, pleasant and romantic environment creates, in addition to being economical.

Another idea is to use small vases with flowers or plants, you can decorate the ceremony and then be given as souvenirs to the guests, which decreases the cost of souvenirs. The vessels can still be different and varied.

Simple Wedding Decoration-Photos to Inspire

With these tips and ideas that you can make a simple and inexpensive wedding decoration, and to assist in inspiration view the gallery of photos I have prepared for you!