Shirt Under The Dress: Ideas For A Look Trend

Shirt under the dress. Or a turtleneck. It depends on your tastes and your desire to experiment. Do not say no right away, or you do not like. First read and then, at the end, draw your own considerations.Because apparently you will have many more things to put instead of leaving them in the closet.

Shirt Under The Dress

  • Under the sleeveless sheath dress that you keep in the closet for the past two years because it seems too serious and the jacket see you ready to go to the office rather than at a tea with her friends. Or just to have the two choices for your work: sheath dress with jacket or sheath dress with shirt recommended by ENTERTAINMENTDNS.
  • With the bustier dress that with the right jacket you do not like, but in the winter as you do?
  • With wool dress short sleeve you bought on impulse and without taking into account that you are cold even in August when there are thirty degrees. Let alone with the bare arm. And the sleeves now do not use them anymore.

Why Do This Pairing?

  • Wear that bustier made for the wedding of your sister and you have not set. Because the fabric is dense and the summer is hot, but in winter it’s too cold. The shirt will make it fashionable enough and will allow you to wear it.
  • Because then you can finally enjoy the bustier dress that until now you have left in the shops because with bandeau you just do not get along. Or because if you have a busty you know the sad truth that hold just enough time to get from the bedroom to the bathroom.
  • Use again that shirt that you took, hanging in the closet, only to accorgervi after two months which was a bit ‘short.

Practical Advice From Your Image Consultant:

  • The shirt should be contoured because otherwise some may appear under your dress.
  • The collar must be buttoned so to stretch the favorite neck collar with long tips.

Dolcevita Under The Dress

  • Under the faux leather dress took last summer and give it a touch Seventy.
  • With a very low-cut dress and never managed to put because it shows too much skin.
  • With a sleeveless dress spring just that nothing underneath is really too light.

Why Do This Pairing?

  • To stay warm, you know the wool or cashmere in contact with the body? And it’s better to put layers below and above!
  • Use that turtlenecks that put alone is just so insignificant.
  • Insert a second (or third) color into your look.

Practical Advice From Your Image Consultant:

  • fitted model does not sound like bundled up.
  • If your breasts are generous, wear turtleneck under a dress with V-neck You will see the result!
  • If the dress has a narrow waist, then bent at the three-quarter sleeves. Your waistline will thank you.

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Some image taken from Pinterest to yourself!

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