Sew with Us! Sleeping Bag: When, How, and Bill of Materials

After much make you dizzy by the Cyber-hills of Ubeda, we’ve finally prepared to sew with us My corner of butterflies – Tes Pes to the Miayo.

Many already know it, but for which we have not, thought that we cosamos together a sleeping bag for kids.

After our experiences with children of all sizes, we have incorporated a little something to make life easier.

The key feature is that bottom of the SAC is removed completely.

Thus, for smaller babies, during the day, they may be with their “dress” without need to plug them with Lullabies or surrounde blankets.

It is more convenient for diaper changes since you shouldn’t unfasten it full and in addition you can carry your baby with him since.

For the elderly, which already crawl or walk, it allows them to not lose the warmth of the night when they wake up in the morning and want to go explore the world.
The Stitching with us, will take place the Friday 14, Saturday 15 and Sunday 16 October, so who want to join this party, you may have time to get materials.

We will be delighted that you cosáis with us and, of course, that we shall teach your creations after.

The tutorials that we will be hanging these days, have small variations because we let our imagination, so for a few basic steps, you will find two ways to carry them out.

So on Friday we will draw up the pattern for the bag and cut the fabric. On Saturday coseremos the part of bottom on top of the sack and on Sunday .
This is the list of materials that you will need:

  • 1. 1 m cotton fabric*, type sheet (that is at least 1.2 m). Care that if it is patterned and put them towards a certain side, may be a little bit more.
  • the same polar fleece fabric, we have used a blanket of ikea (model Polarvide, measures 1.3 1.7 m so that there is surplus)
  • snaps (or square brackets which are sewn)
  • coordinated thread
  • diaper, sewing machine, needle, scissors, paper (dialing patterns)…

* Remember that many times the cotton shrinks a bit with the first wash, and the polar no, so once purchased fabric, wash it.

We hope that many may be that yoked together this first (hopefully one of many) sew with us from My corner of butterflies – Tes Pes to the Miayo. We wait for you! Oh and don’t forget to share it with your contacts: how many more we are, the better!

If you want to share the stitching with us in your blog, with this image, you can use the code that comes out under the button, above left on my blog.
Want to know who is involved? Here is the list.