Sarah Jessica Parker Wedding Shoes

Sarah Jessica Parker was popularly known as the protagonist of the series “Sexy and The City. Who saw the series, you remember Carrie Bradshaw fixation by the famous Manolo Blahnik shoes.

Sarah, a symbol of style and memorable looks, became a fashion reference among celebrities.

The actress has launched numerous partnerships with fashion designers, market, brands. And, now, brings a new collection of shoes for brides, which promises to bring many charms to anyone looking for the perfect shoe for the big day and, for a long time, until the nature of your character in “Sex and The City”, many fashionistas and brands have asked for her to launch a line of shoes.

And, if there is a part of the wedding which is very well architected is the bride. Is wedding dress, accessories, hair and makeup, wedding shoe. All brides want to be beautiful at the altar!

SJP Collection promises to enchant the brides with different styles. The shoes have that finely-American, more classical, with shoe brooch. The escarpim is the template that appears with more evidence in this collection. And, let’s say it’s a classic shoes, doesn’t it?

Sarah Jessica Parker collection brings the classic white, but, also, there are many options of wedding shoes. Weddings are increasingly customized. And, use the white shoe can be understood as a rule. And, much less, as the only option. The rule sets more important in weddings today is to respect the personality of the bride and groom. The bride’s accessories need to be in tune with your personal style, your taste, more than with fashion. Therefore, if you use a colorful shoe is your “guy”, put that idea in the foot, girl!

And, so, what’s your favorite shoe?

The price of each pair costs between $545 and $355 (dollars). Price of some designer shoes, doesn’t it?

The shoe lace this with lace are lovely, isn’t it? And, this green water? Or, who knows that blue and shiny? It’s going to be hard to pick just one!

The coolest is that some of these templates can be used later, without having to be bride, isn’t it? Or, so, who knows (re) invent ways to use the white shoes on a daily basis that shoe used in marriage does not always have to be stopped.

SJP Wedding Shoes Collection can be found at Many brides have gone abroad to buy a wedding dress and accessories. Who knows, doesn’t it?