Sanremo Festival 2012

Still look, still the Sanremo Festival, even singers! Today I present to you the look that showed off yesterday in Sanremo singers in the competition, as in previous evenings there who is better and who is worse, however, remains in its errors Chiara Civello that not only continues to pursue its wrong look, but it does so in more and different ways, fortunately, has been eliminated or at least ended this agony of his look! To note the great return of Loredana Berte, is not a “lady” and this has always said, however, finally he has returned itself, with its skirt flakes, nail skin, this is the Bertè we love!

Here for you are the report cards of the looks of the fourth night of the Sanremo Festival in 2012.

  • Arisais not very convincing, his dove gray sheath dress is a little ‘trivial. The good thing is that being a classic is never wrong altogether, so Mila Schon earns to Arisa sufficiency full. 5.
  • Naomi finally showed off a nice look, and it was time, until now had messed every night! Yesterday chose a long black dress, strapless and with flounced skirt. 9
  • Chiara Civello and Francesca Michielin seemed Easter hatched, or some period film if we want to be more polite. Preposterous colors even in Carnival (gold for Clare and shocking pink for Francesca) and then flounces, bows, tulle, seemed a caricature. 2
  • Nina Zilli, having guessed all look, yesterday was presented on stage in Ferrero Rocher version (a trend which by the way, for some reason like the stars!), But there’s nothing to do.
  • Silvia Mezzanotte focuses on classic, jumsuit black with generous cleavage. A look no skills, but more than women would say that we can give her a 7.
  • Dolcenera always does the same variation on the theme, short black dress and low-cut, but it was bored! We want more … 6:30.
  • Loredana Berte is back, the Lory possessed by the spirit of Anna Tatangelo, disappeared and gave way to the rocker airhead with its unrealistic look. This skirt made ​​with colored bow tie deserves a nice 9!
  • Emma Brown must have followed our advice for summer fashion, he gave up strapless dresses and wore a green leather sheath dress in front and black behind. Emma is beautiful and deserves 10.
  • Alessandra Amoroso has a duet with Emma but unfortunately velvet is terrific, but the dress is beautiful and she is wonderful in every detail, we give a 7:30.

Who is the worst in your opinion?