Rustic, Urban And Chic Vintage

Hello who loves shoes!

Via Uno is a mark of quality, durable and a lot of love. One of the important features in this brand is the durability. You know the story? Shoes for life? USA, usa, usa and the shoe. This is a very important aspect for some people to the decision of a shoe.

Fashion spring summer 2011-2012 is filled with good surprises and shoes. The Via Uno shoes can be interpreted by the following concepts to this station: urban rustic and vintage chic.

The urban environment is characterized by the heavy touch some vintage sandals (link:, with half a leg, or even super jumps that reflect grandeur. The rustic is present in the choice of materials and techniques: Cork, wood, using the technique of lined sole tressê “rope”, raffia with piping (this material here). The vintage expressed by the design of the shoe which refers to air vintage with a touch of craftsmanship (lines of the design of the shoe, so that the sole anabela’s mix of materials).

The most expressive colors in this collection are: salmon, turquoise green and earthy tones. White has prominence (pure or mixed with other materials). Via Uno made an excellent choice in summer shoes with mix of rustic materials + earth tones. The shoes with floral fabrics brings the air spring to their feet. The animal print appears shy and beautiful.

Heavy sandals and anabelas are strong bets. The moccasin comes in place of oxford. The shoes are still on the rise. And the flats are always present in the summer, but do not call much attention in this collection of summer.

Vintage air this collection certainly is the differential of the brand to win the competition in the hottest season of the year! Beautiful and fascinating.