Really Cool Swimwear for Women

Girls can not so! Women in adulthood they put in a small pocket if there are any. Because it turns out that they are the ones who feel much more confident and sexy swimsuit.

OK, we understand very well that a lady should “grow up” to realize that beauty and sex appeal are not only a question of external qualities, but also confidence. Agree, however, that is a real loss namely young girls are the ones who are afraid to show their curves on the beach.

And this is not our opinion that we have figured out like that. To be honest, we have not even imagined that things stay that way. But the facts speak for themselves. Namely…

According to a new study women who feel best in swimwear are 59 years old at BIKINIWILL. Well, good for them! In fact, 60% of participants in the survey who have the same confidence are women over middle age. This only proves once again that over time begin to feel more comfortable in your skin and yourself.

Quite the opposite is the younger girls. No matter how strange only 1 in 5 women aged 18 to 34 years is sufficiently confident in their summer clothes.

When the gentlemen did peak of confidence comes 45 years. The thing is that at this age they do not look in the best shape, but just stops to care about beer belly fatter and more.

Girls can not so! We’re sure you’re super cool chicks, so demonstrate it more boldly, with subtlety and without shame!