Purple Knit Cardigan

Here are all the instructions needed to make a purple cardigan worked in irons. This knitting provides the use of a point of fantasy where you will find the description for lap around further down. The size expected is a 40/42 but to increase or decrease a size, simply adjust of 2 cm in width and 1 in height. Materials needed: 500 grams of purple cotton yarn, needles number 5:05 purple buttons. For when settling on proportions to be kept, made a sample up fantasy of 12 stitches and 20 rows with double yarn = 10 × 10 cm.

Fancy stitch= 7 of mesh + 2. 1st, 3rd and 5th iron: * knit 2 dir., 1 YO, 1 m. dir., 1 YO, 2 m. inisme nothing. Twisted, 2 m. tog. *. Repeat from * to *, 2 mesh dir. 2nd row and equal: Backward. 7 °, 9 ° and 11° row: * 2 m.dir., 2 m. tog. Twisted, 2 m. tog., 2 m. tog., 1 YO, 1 m. dir., 1 YO. * Repeat from * to *, 2 m.

dir. 13 ° row: repeat from 1st row.

Fantasy board= * 10 stitches garter st, 4 rows in stockinette stitch purl.*. Repeat from * to *. Eyelets= 1st row:1 YO and knit 2 together.

Behind: with yarn dual booting 59 mesh and work up imagination. A total height of 36 cm, for armholes bind off at sides 4 meshes. A 52 cm in total height to the neckline, bind off the center 15 mesh and continue on the 2 parts separately off again towards the center, every 2 rows, 3 sts 1 time. A 53 cm in total height to the shoulder, cast off at ends, every 2 rows, 7 jerseys for the first time and 8 jerseys for the first time.

Right front: with double yarn, start 43 mesh and work as follows: 30 mesh point fantasy, 13 m. aboard fantasy. A total height of 28 cm, for theneckline, decrease towards the center, within 13 mesh, every 6 rows, 1 st 11 times. A total height of 36 cm, for armhole, cast off the next 4 meshes.A 53 cm in total height, shoulders, cast off the sides every 2 rows, 7 jerseys for the first time, 8 jerseys for the first time, 8 jerseys for the first time and continue on 13 mesh aboard fantasy for another 10 cm, then cast off all meshes.

Left front: work as right but symmetrically distributing the center of the board 5 fantasy remotely adjust eyelets.

Sleeves: with the double yarn, 44 mesh and work start-up fantasy, increasing the ends, inside 2 sts, every 10 rows, 1 st 3 times. A total height of 30 cm cast off all sts.

Packaging: now sewn shoulders, the neck at the back and sides. And sew on the sleeves. Attached therefore, the corresponding buttons of the eyelets on the right front and our knitting is now completed.

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