Printed Leggings: How to Combine Them

The printed leggings can not be more fashionable, whether tribal, stripes, floral or the so beloved, and also hated, animal print this season are, and are seen everywhere.

It is clear that the printed leggings must use them with care, generally patterned clothing requires you to be more careful when matching it to the unicolor. And is that the stripe between the vulgar and the fashion is very thin, and if you don’t want to look like a Christmas tree, the best thing is to pay attention to in choosing your clothes. Then how to combine the printed leggings, with much common sense.

Common sense rules to combine your printed leggings:

Know well your body: the first thing is to be clear about which is your type of figure, what are your strengths, to highlight them, and what are your faults, to disguise them.

In this sense, you have to remember that prints to the attention and does to concentrate in that pattern, so if thick legs better think twice, but it does not mean that they are banned, all is not lost.

Uses a leggings in your size: uses a leggings in your size or a larger; If this does not sound pleasant, especially to those that we strive to have a decent size “M”, however, if we talk about prints, it is better that they fit you well or a little baggy to seem inlaid in a stamping all deformed by the stretched this. It also takes into account that tight clothing makes you to reveal your love handles.

Prefer dark colors: dark colors don’t stand out, so a way to add a touch of fun and different to your look, use a leggings printed in dark colors.

Go for small prints: bigger stamping more volume brings, so unless you’re super thin legs, or have a figure type triangle (hombrosanchoss and narrow hips) best to choose small prints.

Vertical stripes Stylize: we know all those that we have any to another pounds “of more”, but it is true. Then if you want to use a patterned leggings, then search for any print with vertical lines.

Uses closed-toe heel shoes: high heels Stylize and if more are closed.

Combine it with unicolor shirts: a good idea to choose a simple pattern and combine it with a long, loose and unicolor shirt, it will help you Stylize your figure. Remember that an over size is recommended for a girl XS.

Finally, if you’re very young risk, is trendy, is your time you have everything in your favor!; If you are no longer so young, nor do you have to be trendy, just apply a little more common sense when combining your printed leggings.