Preview: S / S 2015 Collection at the Milan Fashion Week

Wise knitwear, straight, clean lines, chic accessories: spring-summer 2015 preview.

Dually rides the trends so far seen on the catwalk during Milan Fashion Week this, now almost over, the parade of spring-summer 2015 preview collection, signed by designer Izumi Ogino.

Chic ma effortless: Anteprima ss 2015

First, because the proposed clothes can be very chic in the simplicity of smooth, straight lines and a  palette extremely thin, with black and white dominate, and accompanied only by a handful of other colors: shades of gray, blue and light blue, yellow, pink, orange. Tops, skirts and jackets abundant where there definitely oversized, pants loose, caftans in oriental style, long vest, a few carefully studied and prints-between floral and floreal / camouflage-and equally numerous but not very wise transparency: the most sinuous lines they are left for evening outfits, like the long black dress with side slits and two short paillettess all shining effect.

Accessories Preview ss 2015

According to the importance of accessories, which are able to integrate and maximize the basic-chic look. Scarves, but also sandals-of all heights, provided colorful: a real touch of energy and vitality to every outfit-, bags and clutch bag-embroidered, imperlinate, or with square and volumetric forms, until his real trunks, colored in vitamin tones – and, here and there, a few hat (even in the evening look).

With the ss 2015 preview, Ogino short manages to give a mood of urban chic to the refined knitwear fashion house and to propose for the next summer with a sophisticated but simple mind-what seems to have become a mission and indeed a true philosophy for many fashion designers, especially of oriental origins, with the proposal of a fashion that does not renounce to glam it veers toward the essentiality.