Practical Tips For Using Leggings

Three things do not lie: drunkards, children and leggings!

‘I put what is gives me the win’. lie! If you like someone you’re not going to the appointment as a marionette and you desempolvas your best rags to attract that person, if you go to a job interview you won’t with shirt rattan, or dirty shoes, like that your wardrobe also reflects a strong image next to your brilliant resume.

Many of those who preach the ‘ I put what I want ‘, they are right, but it is not so true, are often the same people who criticize each other and also came out scared to criticize the Scarlet costume of Messi in the last installment of the Golden Ball. All throughout history seem to have opinions about the costumes, after all we left naked House on the street and the clothing is a reflection of our personality.

Famous leggings are some elastic panties that being brought back to the Decade of the 1980’s to stay a while, and like all fashion use causes commotion, laughter or acceptance. They come in various forms, up to the most fashionable in faux leather, and if you go on holiday you have those of sequins.

Of course also come in a number of prints from the ‘Hello Kitty’, variety of animal prints, galaxies, flowers, until rumberos skeletons, in the end, there is one for every personality and for all budgets and sizes, range from $5.990 in the down to $1.380.000 (Colombian pesos the day TRM) if Alexander McQueen, want them very for example. As well as there are bikes to motorcycles, there are leggings to leggings.

For some women have created confusion in the use of the dressing room, because they are not pants and use them as pants. If they were pants trousers and leggings not call. They make you look sexy, cool, or rock. Applying statistics basic I, or doing a survey for ten minutes sitting on a mall bench, would argue that 9 out of 10 women have at least a pair of leggings in her wardrobe. and ‘atypical’ data we have 5, five of ten use them badly.

All that promise to make you see sexy or feel comfortable selling, or tell them otherwise the adora-crocs and Jean-Sinbol users (for my readers outside of Colombia is technically a jean no pockets in the buttock). Now, there are leggings that make you see is ‘sepsi’ and not sexy if you use them wrong.

The use and origin of these ‘elastic panties’ that the majority of women ran to buy, dates from the middle ages say 12th century and beginning of the 14th, were called shims (similar to underwear, socks, etc), and men more bountiful society ‘as any great-great grandmother would say’ used them under the socks – a kind of type baggy trousers-short, pretend pint of Don Quixote de La Mancha. These shims covered from your feet to the waist, adjusting well her legs and noble parts, is assumed – not me, historians – which is depilaban, and I think because if not the itching who holds it is.

Go, go, not only men first used the heels that we (read my article ‘ heels are as men doman is a bit ‘), but which now is that also used leggings that we, first! Ah, and pants, wigs, shorts, boleros and other little things!.

Then, I apologize publicly with Leonel Álvarez by my trills Colombian national soccer lately, attacking the use of his pants leggings ‘well ceniditos, well huddled together’ type ♪. pants that reveal the prominent nalgatorio of the technical director, whose close-up elevated rates of women watching football games in 2013. No one attacks you the nalgatorio, but it seems a hulk with all the muscles that are lined.

It is lined, leggings consumption has skyrocketed in the past five years because they turned out to be a super comfortable and versatile garment that allows you to combine different styles and look casual, informal and sometimes a chic tris. They are comfortable for many types of bodies, they very well embrace the legs making them do more stylized with heels, flats, sneakers or boots.

Women with legs can use them Angelina Jolie type, until the leg type Beyonce. They came in various textiles and if you upset to Europe, Latinas much more because they make good justice to our Anthropometry, to our good genuine, thigh, buttock and curves than a stiff pair of jeans or baggy pants, ultra fails to with the same ease.

Well used, they have the magic of lasts just to your needs, clear elastic composition. But happens, arising when it exaggerates intergalacticamente accidents such as the horrible ‘camel toe’ (camel’s foot), i.e., when it seems that you were them you to swallow, or in the words of my mother with Pepita Mendieta horrified face: “that rudeness of leggings brand you sex!”.

For that, and at the request of my readers, then eight councils ‘practical’, sencillitos, which do not require nuclear science, or more was missing, that many already know, but many are also unaware to use leggings and avoid accidents:


  1. By the Blessed Virgin, I beg you to understand, that leggings are not pants, use with long blouse, they are not to be used at any time, much care in work place, everything depends on the environment in which to unfold, should also use them.
  2. NOT being a man.That not sticks.
  3. No one is called to be polyglot, but if you hit him that his country called Columbia and not Colombia, then the thing is thus:writes ‘leggings’, is pronounced/leginz /, and does not say, or write leggis/lenins’kyi/lejis. And it has nothing to do with sound transatlantic or sophisticated. Depending on your country, either ‘ are one Maya’, because Maya is the popular bee caricature of German origin, ‘mesh ‘ if a garment, which are more tights than leggings (which do not cover the feet). And modern sonar it is, some people no longer use the term ‘gum ‘ (unless you are all a Doña Gloria, i.e. exemplary MOM whose children menorcitos we are fussy generation X). Lycra is a registered trademark of textile (spandex) whose main characteristic is its amazing elasticity and resistance to usamospara do sport, as well as all tomato sauce isn’t FRUCO, nor all cereal is ‘Kellogs’, every pair of leggings is not a ‘lycra’.
  4. Entering in the field of applications,to avoid scratching in the ‘watamericonsu’ mean, vulgar. If you are a plus-size not put them white or in light-toned prints, use dark, flat (single tone), and if you want to use prints make sure that the background is dark. Use the size as is and not XS. Buy XS not makes it look slimmer.One must dress holding his body, according to their proportions regardless of that have more flesh than bone or vice versa with grace and style, not causing grace.
  5. And to my readers that handle bike, much less use them with yellow or pink underwear that when sitting on the bike looks the thong in the traffic light up to 3 cars behind his very game with hull.If going to use white, indeed, to entire skirt, tight or loose, but white pants; always wear underwear tone more akin to your skin that is on the market. Same thing for lingerie her boyfriend or spouse when go to marriage in guayabera shirt and white linen pants ‘very punctured’ and when ‘sudan’ flax to be hygroscopic, i.e., it easily absorbs moisture from the body and keeping us fresh onshore client, is transparent and is fatal if we don’t take care of this detail of the underwear. We handle times.
  6. Returning, at the top, if you want to generate balance I suggest you to use tops or shirts of silk or cotton loose-fitting long sleeves or armholes, or if it is a top set up you can use with a blazer, vest, cardigan or leather jacket and heels classic if you want to go are, in cold weather add a scarf and boots and get the easiest combination.Whether holiday because of sequins (well-made) do not go out of fashion that only encourages more women’s slim leg that gives you AWE using tight pants. If they are stamped use neutral or contrasting tones in the rest of the costume. They can be used with tennis cool type vans, keds, converse, etc. depends on the look that you want to obtain.
  7. If cellulite invade you the legs (that women don’t have it), but if it is a lot and you not resist the leggings, seeks to use them in a textile elastic more thickly and with prints that are that will help you to hide the holes, but not the print Hello Kitty Barbie pink background.And choose a top that covers the buttock, Yes, the buttock. If you have time and faith, take plenty of water, 30 minutes of cardio 5 times a week and buy the nivea good bye cellulite and Holy remedy.
  8. Do not ride them are up to the neck, so avoid that you mark you the intimate zone.When your area is not marked intimate can ‘ half – use blouse inside at the front, itself and only itself is not you marked the area intimate.

Finally, the rarest Treggings , which are a mix between leggings and trousers (in Spanish pants), or is the appearance of ‘tight pants’ some with zipper and pocket. Jeggings variants are fruit of a pair of leggings that married a pair of jeans and had a son which put them jeggings. More about jeggings:

As you can see, even clothing evolve their style. Do not evolve yours?