Police Glasses 2017 – What’s New For This Summer

What’s New In Police Glasses 2017

As every year, sunglasses brands launch a campaign with new models for the current year. This time, it was not going to be different so we are going to present you exclusively a selection of the new Police sunglasses that are going to raze this summer of 2017 everywhere.

Here you will be able to find the definitive guide that you will be able to update on the fashion that is going to take this year and with what concrete models Police wants to remain among the most sold brands another year. Below, we show you the list of which everyone will start to speak.

Police SPL366

Glasses of young and very masculine character. Its slightly oval rectangular shape full of color your look with cheerful and fun tones that is becoming the favorites for this time of year. It surprises its softened touch and modernity. Do not forget to take a closer look at these Police SPL366 to see the versatility that exists between their colors of lenses and frames.

Police SPL357

Wow! You will think when you see this new model of Police LifeStyle. The new season comes loaded with news, like thisPolice SPL357. Rectangular shaped sunglasses in great comfort paste that make it very functional and attractive. And wow! You will think when you see its price on our website for some top brand glasses. Take advantage of!

Police SPL339

Sunglasses Police SPL 339 have a very contemporary and modern lightweight design for men seeking maximum comfort and go to fashion. Its frame is made of high quality metal and its lenses offer a transparent image and maximum protection.These sunglasses alone, may not tell you much, but if I comment that this is the latest model of the Police for this 2017 that has signed with the famous soccer player of world-class Neymar Jr , now everything changes, true?

These top sales sunglasses of this 2017 are for many reasons, one for its spectacular design and curves and another for its clearly media impact as it presents the brand along with one of the best known football players of the moment. Its different lenses, will allow you to customize your mount to your liking.

Police SPL354

Do you want to go to the last one this season? Do you like the latest trend glasses? Now you can do it with a young and refreshing Police model that is being a surprise in the sector. ThePolice SPL 354 are sunglasses that combine high quality paste and metal. Its soft paste provides a special touch and comfort for the day, a polarizable model that comes in soft gradients of lens in line with the matte colors of the mount.

Police SPL359

The SPL 359 glasses are a state-of-the-art aviator model worn by people with claws. Metallic sunglasses that bring as a novelty almost flat lenses in total, along with bright colors gold, silver and dark gray of great elegance. The lightness of your materials will not make you feel that you are wearing them.

Police SPL348

If you are lover of Wayfarer sunglasses take note, this model you will love. Police Lifestyle is loaded with new features this season, updating a range of products that will change your perspective on the latest fashion trends.

The SPL348 Police model brings a completely new look for its game of transparencies and lights. Metallic goggles loaded with brilliance that contribute a contour effect in its frontal very innovative, playing with the geometric forms of its double bridge and rods. An ideal complement to your outfit.

Police SPL349

The perfect combination between round shape glasses and Wayfarer in fascinating colors and contour on the front. New glasses that are triumphing in the market this season. Its flat and metallic rod combines perfectly with soft colors and cream. Have a look at these incredible Police SPL349

Police SPL362

These sunglasses enchant by its square form of bright paste and shiny metal. A Police off-road model that will accompany you anywhere with maximum comfort and adaptability of your rods of dark tones. Masculine character and personality of first quality. If you want to surprise yourself this year with a top sales sunglasses, do not hesitate and take a close look at the Police SPL362

Police SPL406

Police aviator models are not in transit. The SPL406 comes in black, camel, gray, silver and gold, bright colors with degraded treatments and mirrors that will surprise you, but also the standard lens models for lovers of classic style.

A sunglass made of metal frame and double bridge, a design of exquisite taste and simplicity. Eyewear glasses eternally ours.

Police SPL364

These super innovative Police Lifestyle avid sunglasses are innovative double bridge glasses that include a reinforced decorative design and very resistant. With a black frame, they are very personal sunglasses and strong character.Comodísimas! These glasses are really going strong in this year 2017. Do not miss out on the SPL364 Police because they are really trend for this summer

Police SPL352

Police SPL352 sunglasses are created in thick paste frame and softened edges. The attractiveness of its curves makes this model one of the most demanded, which combine perfectly with mirrored or degraded crystals . The glasses preferred by those who look for a young and fresh air of season, coupled with an incomparable price.

Police SPL539

These Police SPL539 sunglasses are a rectangular shaped model made from high strength metal. Acomfortable and very lightweight design of standard and degraded lenses to wear on a day-to-day basis. Their predominant tones are dark and their rods combine playing with colorful interiors on some of their color models .

Police SPL529

The Police SPL529 is a Lifestyle top sales model that is triumphing among rectangular sunglasses. Made in paste and with a young and casual air, this model includes and is distinguished by its details in the rods of great comfort, and to use bold color combinations that surprise those who see them.


As you may have noticed in this article, there are lots of new models with which the police sunglasses brand aims to succeed during this year 2017. Check out the website: opelikafashion.com. Many are the combinations of mounts and colors of lenses that you can choose.