Pictures of Dolce & Gabbana Dress

I think that I just love. With the trend of the pictures so in vogue, I was looking for the ideal piece for me. The pants I remember when I was 15 and they became fashionable in a very seventies style and really wouldn’t like to see me again sheathed in a few.

The kilts they were also tendency when I was about 14 and I think that they make me feel that I am back in school. The shirts were part of my grunge stage and I could rescue some still remaining well. But they are not to go anywhere, but being at home relaxed and fachosa.

So when vi dress of Dolce & Gabbana Red Plaid I discovered that my part of pictures for the season would be something like that. Short but not micro, well may be socks or jeans below, even with Leggings now there is still no so cold. I found the perfect style with the look average grunge that as lucio Taylor Momsen I was convinced.

The of Kimberly Steward I didn’t so much, since he wanted to make it look more formal with sandals and a black to adjust belt figure. And I think that that is not the essence of the model of the Italians. Obviously, I can not spend it the original costs in a piece that changes with the seasons (although return as the experience says I) Paxton, but found the perfect clone in Bershka.

This will cost around 30 euros and the fun part is that with the skirt you can spend easily a grunge style one schoolgirl in less than five minutes and with the appropriate accessories.