Perfect Christmas Gift?

In our all-female editors, we tried to figure out who would be a Christmas gift to all of us happy. Eventually we came to the fact that all of us would be delighted new pajamas, nightgown or robe. If you have it anyway, be inspired and take your mother, sister or daughter of one of our chosen pieces. Or put “subtle” tip his partner.

You still do not have purchased gifts or your beloved are wondering what you Christmas cheer? We’ve got great tips on pajamas, nightgowns and robes that every woman will surely appreciate.

Cute pajamas

Nightwear may not be sexy at any cost! For example, during frosty evenings, each of us like to bundle up in warm pajamas with long trousers and sleeves. Women with a sense of humor to capture the feel pajamas with Christmas print. Penguin and reindeer because there is never enough!

Shirt or chemise?

Among nightdresses and nighties is a crucial difference, says Countesssleepwear. The shirt is cotton, long and maximum comfort. In contrast, the nightgown usually satin or lace and really sexy. What can “subscribe” under the Christmas tree or you capture your loved ones, it is only up to you.

Gown for show and to warm up

If you need a pair of pajamas or a shirt bought last year, this year bet on a bathrobe. You can choose soft, warm dressing gown or feminine satin.