Pepe Jeans and Joseph Ford Lens: Homage to London and Fashionable

A partnership created to celebrate the beauty of the English capital between photos of landscapes and the world of fashion.

A new collection was born from the collaboration between Pepe Jeans and Joseph Ford Lens to pay homage to a great cosmopolitan city like London, the city where the brand was born and to which it owes its success.

For those not involved in the sector or not familiar, Joseph Ford Lens is a great photographer specializing in the representation of landscapes and famous for its ability to match landscapes with the world of fashion elements. It is precisely for this reason, not only for the artistic freedom that has been given, the artist said he was very pleased and satisfied with this partnership that has seen him work alongside a historic brand in a major city such as London , who gave birth also at the same Ford Lens.

In his work we find spectacular photos that go to merge with each other, where the sky is the background of Big Ben blends, in the artistic vision of the photographer, while the Union Jack English can be read in a detail of t shirt and the seams of denim shirt become the path of the traditional London bus. As well as the famous River Thames is played in a camouflage jacket Pepe Jeans London, or the breakdown of the O2 Arena on the banks of the Thames.