Paris Hilton Shoes–Spring 2011 in Las Vegas

Everyone knows who is Paris Hilton. One of the richest and most famous socialites of everyone. She is also enterprising and loves shoes. It is no secret the your love for fashion and footwear. The socialite has your own collection and transposes some of your style for your line of shoes-sexy, elegant and “van chic.” Shoes full of attitude “station wagon”.

Paris Hilton was in Las Vegas (8/19/10) and released to your shoe collection spring 2011. The collection has very high heels, sandals anabela and “flat” shoes, like sneakers. “My goal is to create a fun and elegant line of fashion to your feet,” said Paris on your collection. The “socialite-designer” seems to have a strong crush on rosa, by shoe peep toe and very high heels.

The highlight of the collection is in the shoe lace. It won’t take long, Brazilian brands should copy this type of loop. Super feminine and delicate. Another highlight is that some of the models have applications (that look like gems) that extend throughout the jump. An unprecedented luxury. The color pink seems to be central in this collection. The shoes cost between $60 to $200.00 based on Ethnicityology.

Pink shoe is a very particular taste. Not all women who like and, too, it doesn’t go with everything and all. For the lovers of shoes and, always stay in love when they run into models of good taste that color.

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