Outfit Tip: Winter Trends for the Cold Season

If it is outside freezing cold and the wind blows one around the ears, it is not so easy to find the perfect outfit for the Office. It has attracted too much or too little, or according to it’s absolutely business-ready. No need to worry: Because I have for you a great outfit together set.

Defying Wind and Weather: Duffle Coat

No matter how cold it may be, the ideal companion for the cold season is the convenient Duffle coat with a lined hood by Tom Rusborg. Heavy-duty Virgin wool-mix, this Duffle for all kinds of activities are suitable.

To preserve but also the business look and style to convince, I put the high-quality and exclusive Harris Tweed you jacket to the heart. A jacket is perfect for the ‘onion ‘look according to militarynous.com. Because when you arrive in the Office and the room is well heated, it is no problem to take off the jacket.

Onion Look for the Office

So you but also continue to not offend against the own Office Whitley, you can wear a shirt with knit vest directly including. This combination works fine, is convenient and keeps very warm. Matching – and as a splash of color – coordinated tie is suitable. Ever after, for what items you morning decide: this outfit tie color perfectly fits the warm thermal trousers by Tom Rusborg. The Strechtanteil is especially easy to the Chino and is suitable for men with large sizes.